Help Save the Animals at the Mareeba Animal Refuge and Keep the Shelter Running for another Year

funded of $50,000.00 goal
This campaign has ended and no further contributions can be made.
Campaign Ends:
December 15th 2015
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Please help save the beautiful cats, kittens, dogs and puppies at the Mareeba Animal Refuge as the Refuge is on the verge of closing down. If the Refuge is forced to close, in future the council will be responsible and the future of these innocent animals residing at the Refuge will be less bright. The Refuge is in urgent  need of donations to continue to support and care for hundreds of stray and abandoned animals they already assist each year. The refuge has been running as TSPCA for many years however, the Friends of the Animals, have been working passionately and tirelessly managing the Refuge  for the past 8 years. The refuge was completely rundown and in disarray when the Friends of the Animals took over and they have restored it to an immaculate condition and are running it to top standards. The Mareeba Animal Refuge is a not for profit, run by volunteers and they rely solely on donations and receive zero government funding. They are completely dependent on charity and donations from within the community. Without the Refuge hundreds and hundreds of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens will be abandoned because there will be no-one to care for them and rehouse them. Every dog and cat that is rehoused through the Refuge is de sexed, vaccinated and microchipped, hence their huge overheads and vet bills. That does not account for all the medical and surgical problems that arise with many of the animals that arrive at the refuge. Worming medication alone costs us thousands of dollars a year. Their overheads are hundreds of thousands dollars a year. Vet bills, insurance, cleaning chemicals, phone, electricity, and food bills which all add up to an astronomical amount. Mareeba Animal Refuge perform a vital role in our community by taking in stray and abandoned animals and they work tirelessly and passionately to care for these neglected discarded animals and re home them. They are located at 35 Hickling Avenue in Mareeba and our open 8am - 4pm. 7 Days per week. If you are unable to assist with a cash donation, next time you go shopping please just drop in a couple of extra cans of dog food or a bag of dog/cat biscuits into your trolley and drop it out to the Refuge or you can also phone Jennifer on 40923060 they are always in desperate need of food especially puppy and kitten food and cat litter. For the month of October only the Mareeba and Kuranda Library are holding a "Food Drive" where community members can drop food donations there  for the animals at the Libraries. Can you please assist to keep the Mareeba Animal Refuge open for another year? This campaign's goal is to reach $50,000 in 50 days.  This amount will keep the Refuge open for 12 more months. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP? *This on line campaign event is supported  by 4AM Radio North Queensland. 4AM is locally owned and operated station that is part of NQ Radio. They play the best easy mix from the 70's to today.  For the latest updates about the on line campaign “$50 000 in 50 days” for the Mareeba Animal Refuge make sure you tune into the "Easy Mix" with Chrissy Foster on 4AM  Band 558 Weeknights from 7pm – 9pm.”   4AM’s powerful signal is also heard across Cairns, the capital of Far North Queensland, and via 4AM 1422 in Port Douglas and FM 91.3 Ravenshoe.