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December 1st 2015
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Two-year-old Blake Daniels should have spent 2015 playing with his brother at his beautiful farm home in Casino, Northern NSW. Instead, in late February he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma; a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that attacks the nervous system. This fast growing cancer had already spread from his abdomen to head even before diagnosis.

In order to fight this shocking disease, little Blake and his Mum, Sally Daniel (nee) Fitzpatrick moved to Brisbane where Blake has endured six rounds of intensive chemotherapy, major surgery, a bone marrow transplant, countless blood transfusions and four weeks of radiotherapy to come this month at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. Through it all, Blake's beaming smile and cheeky personality has continued to light up the children's ward.

Even once Blake reaches remission, he will have a life-long road of regular testing and rehabilitation. Scarily, Neuroblastoma also has a high chance of reoccurring. He will require speech therapy, hearing aides and further support to help him catch up to his peers. As you can imagine, this has created a huge emotional and financial stress on Blake's family from loss of income, relocation, treatment and medication costs totaling over


since his diagnosis in February!

As a show of support, close friends and family have rallied behind Blake and his parents, Scott and Sally Daniels and created this fundraising page.
Please dig deep for this incredible family. What might mean little to you, will mean a smoother, more financially stable road to recovery for Blake and his family.


Help us Battle for Blake.