"Cycle Bar": Spin Studio

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March 29th 2016
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"CYCLE BAR" So I have decided that after a long time dreaming that I should open my own Cycling/Spin Studio (Tentative name: “Cycle Bar”). No longer can this just stay being a dream- it’s about time to make it a reality. I hope to have the best Cycling Instructors, Equipment, Training Programs, Music/AV and even a coffee shop on the front. But I won’t go on about that cause it will all be subject to change as I learn more and time goes on. However you can help financially great or small will help get this dream of the ground and into action. I will endeavour to make mention of donators so they have a place reserved for their name on our wall when the space in allocated. If you need any further clarification or want to help more let me know via: fitnessingnow@gmail.com Let make this dream reality, Tommy Biking