Help Lana get to Japan!

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October 21st 2015
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Firstly, sorry Lana for doing this but you really need help!

Secondly, we all know what a selfless and kind hearted person my sister Lana is. She always comes to visit us at Christmas (even though it sends her broke) and never forgets my sons birthdays. She is a personal carer in her work and this is such a difficult job only particular people can handle...caring people like her! She loves animals and is always giving generously to animal welfare groups and buys only fair trade and not tested on animal products.  She will give you her last dollar if you asked.

Our brother has been selected to represent NZ in the world kyokushin karate tournament in Japan on 18-24th November 2015. He currently trains out of the Palmerston North branch ( None of our family can go with him for support, however Lana has offered to go. There is one problem with this though, she cannot actually afford it and has borrowed money for the flights to make it happen, which will take her forever to pay back on her part time (casual with no leave allowances) wages, and she still needs money for accommodation and public transport etc. 

So, I am hoping to reach out to those who know this kind hearted person the best and ask you to please, if you have the means, help send Lana to Japan to support our brother.

you will be helping not only Lana, but our brother Bernie as well and it is so appreciated!