Why I love my mum and why she needs your help.

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December 5th 2015
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I am writing today to tell you about a woman who is so strong and inspiring that words alone cannot speak the appreciation and admiration I have for her. I am writing to you today about my mother. My hero. My mother is a victim in so many ways and in so many ways she is broken. However, her broken heart is still so incredibly capable of love, compassion and insight that gives me light and hope in the darkest of places. Imagine For a Moment, 1 You live on your own in a run down shed an hour away from civilisation 2 You don't have running water, hot water or electricity  3 You don't have mobile reception, internet and the home phone you do have is corded because there is no power to run a hands-free set. 4 Every time you flush the toilet you have to fill up a bucket of water and fill up the cistern by hand. 5 Every time you want a coffee you will need to boil water on the stove and defrost some milk (because the gas powered fridge freezers everything 6 You can't drive any further than 5 minutes away from your home because your car is broken and unreliable 7 Your last Holiday was 5 Years ago and you have been working non stop and still cannot get ahead. This just skims the daily struggles for my mum and all this is because she survived. It seems so horrible to me that after she lost her home, her friends, her way of living, a good job, a husband, a working car, most of her belongings (and the list could keep going) she survived and continues to struggle to pick up the pieces 7 years on. All of these obstacles she experiences every day after a few long years of Violence, Abuse, Betrayal and a man who she loved that took so much more than her heart from her when he broke it (including her home and her sons girlfriend). And even after those memories, that betrayal that would have left most people living in darkness for years this woman marches, head held high, modest and trying day after day to be the best woman she can. And she is. I am writing today because I want to show her how much she means to me. How much I want her to know that she doesn’t need to feel ever that she has failed her 3 children in not leaving our father earlier. As children and growing my siblings and I have seen things that the average child would not have seen but these experiences are not the fault of my mother. I understand now that when you love someone, when you really love someone it takes a lot to let them go. She loved my father so much that she forgave him for every bruise, for every woman he laid with that wasn’t her, for every crime he committed, every dollar he gambled, and every time he let her down. I understand why she forgave him. Love is so powerful. I wish I could give her a more comfortable life that she deserves for teaching us that. For showing us that no matter what life hands you the best we can do is be the best person we can. I always try to be kind and have learnt that life is easier if we can let go of pain and fears that hold us back and chase happiness no matter what form it takes. We have learnt that we cannot judge others for what they value. We do not know what others lives have involved as they do not know ours so we must always be compassionate. She does not complain about her life, I think she enjoys the serenity. I just know that each week she struggles to make ends meet because of a man she loved. Emotionally I will rarely see a trace of the struggle she has endured but physically it will take years to recover from losing everything of value she had worked for. I wish I had more to give her, although I know she is appreciative of just having myself, my siblings and her grandchildren in her life I feel like I owe her so much more. She has been trying for years to save up for a cruise and I would love to take her or even help her to save but both of us cannot seem to get ahead enough to afford it. I would also love to buy her a car (her current car is costing her a lot of money in maintenance and she has to "pump up" the brakes just to brake) as there is no way she will be able to afford one herself within the next year. Lastly I would like to help her buy an inverter (for solar), a proper hot water system and other bits that may help make her home more comfortable. I can't give her electricity as that will cost $30,000 as quoted by the electricity company and I cannot give her internet (there is no phone reception) which would make her life studying at University via distance education much easier. But we can give her more comfort. Any funding that we can raise for this incredible inspiring woman will help and every dollar you can contribute will change my mum’s life.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about my mother. This may only be skimming the surface of the stories I could tell but the story I wanted you to hear was this one.