Help fund Sydney Ms Leather to compete in 2016 International Ms Leather in San Jose!

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December 7th 2015
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I am currently on the committee for Sydney Femme Guild (tenure 2+ years on the executive committee), a queer feminist organisation working to create an awareness, understanding, and ultimately a celebration of femme identity within the GLBTQI community in Sydney, Australia.

The Sydney Femme Guild began in December 2008 as a group of like-minded femmes who saw a need for conversation and political mobilisation around femme identities and femme issues within the Sydney Queer community.  We are all proud to say that the group has evolved quite rapidly over the last 7 years, in which time we have marched at four Mardi Gras parades, Fair Days most years, hosted several fundraising and social events, formulated and executed Femme in the Frame and Unpacking Femme conferences and most importantly created and nurtured many amazing friendships.

Sydney Femme Guild exists as part of a wider Femme movement happening all over the world, striving toward greater understanding, visibility and celebration of the plurality and fierceness of Femme identities.

Sydney Femme Guild were awarded Mardi Gras Best Community Event 2015 with Femme Smut, a luxurious evening of Femme erotic literature.  The committee and members are excited to establish and work through an action packed 2015/16 events calendar, ensuring variety, accessibility and relevancy to Femmes in Sydney and beyond.

Femme visibility is more than a pretty picture, its about ensuring a safe and welcoming community for all Femmes in the GLBTIQ space.  People are sometimes confused about what Femme means.  My work is centered around destigmatising misconceptions and help people understand that presumed heteronormative privilege comes at a cost within our community.  We are all one community, everyone is welcomed to my table.

During my title term with Ms. Sydney Leather, I will be working with Sydney Femme Guild to produce a fund raising event in the 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras festival, focusing on Femme visibility in the Sydney GLBTIQ scene.  I'm excited to put pen to paper for this, and look forward to contributions from photographers, both amateur and professional.   


The IMsL Competition 2016 details....

April 9 – 12 in San Jose, CA

Competition Structure:

Personal interview/teaching (40 points) 30 mins

-          10 points for presentation of demo/teaching moment when interviewed.

-          Judging panel interview for 15-18 mins on community contributions, personal history, leather history and                current events


Fantasy (20 points)

-          4 min performance on 10’x10’ stage


Speech/Formal Wear (20 points)

-          2 min speech on topic of choice


Hotwear/Pop Question (10 points)

-          Spontaneous pop question and leather fashion parade


Public Image (10 points)

Silent auction items are required to gift to IMsL, if you would like to donate, please get in contact,


How the funds will be used

-          IML registration

-          Return flights to San Jose with excess baggage

-          Accommodation at suggested hotel for competitors

-          Insurance, meals and domestic travel in US

-          Additional leather wear/accessories required for competition

-          Funding contribution for 1/2 handlers

What the IMsL competition means to me

Not only does IMsL offer a fierce competition of leather goddesses pushing their limits to compete in this prestigious event, it offers the opportunity to nurture new friendships within the leather community amongst leather folk around the world. I am very excited to be titled and qualified to attend and represent Sydney.  It means a lot to not only compete but represent, leather women and leather Femmes of our community. 


Fundraising Efforts...

With assistance and guidance from Sydney Leather Pride, Mr. Sydney Leather and I are fundraising to compete in the 2016 International comps.  This OzCrowd fund page has been posted if you would like to contribute financially, events will also be hosted leading up to the comps.  

Thank you


Ms. Sydney Leather