Reuniting Bonnie and Briggadoon

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October 19th 2015
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For five years, best friends Brendon, affectionately known to his mates as Briggadoon, and sweet Bonnie have never spent a night apart.

Even after they found themselves homeless over a year ago, Bonnie has been Brendon’s constant companion on the streets of Perth. Brendon was born with Albinism and is vision impaired as a result having under developed Optic Nerve endings. Because of these conditions, Brendon has often been subjected to horrific physical assaults through-out his life which Brendon says has resulted in him being affected by Depression and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. When he adopted Bonnie 5 years ago as a pup, Bonnie became not only a loyal companion for Brendon; she became his family, and something to get up for in the morning. She is all he has and he relies on her to assist him to get through daily tasks.

Even though they are both currently homeless, Bonnie is exceptionally well cared for by Brendon.  She is loved by everyone who meets her and has now become some-what of a celebrity on the streets of Perth.  Sadly the assaults didn’t stop once Brendon and Bonnie found themselves homeless. Both have been assaulted whilst living rough and people have attempted to steal Bonnie from Brendon a few times. Brendon applied to the Department of Housing four years ago to get him and Bonnie a home, but is still waiting.  Unfortunately before that could happen, little Bonnie was involved in an incident and is now being held by the Council, until the matter is heard by the courts.

We have engaged the services of one of Australia’s top companion animal Lawyer’s, who has kindly agreed to take on his case and we are hoping to raise enough funds to cover those fees to assist Brendon to get Bonnie back. We are also assisting Brendon to get into public housing and back on his feet, with the help of a Member for Local Council, so Bonnie will be allowed to be returned to him. This will also ensure that they are both safe and can look forward to a more positive, bright future together. All donations will be put towards Lawyer’s fees, a behavioural assessment report required for court, impound fees for Bonnie and court costs. Any donations raised above those costs will go towards the cost of ongoing behavioural dog training for Bonnie.