Bring Matthew home! Family left shattered by tragedy

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September 11th 2015
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Assistance with family legal fees.

A family torn apart by a split second decision that could have happened to anyone. A father has lost his life and a brother/son taken into custody. This is not a crime but a family tragedy!


A family has been left to pick up the pieces after being shattered by an absolute tragic occurrence that could have happened to anyone. A night where a father and son were enjoying an evening together in their home soon turned into an argument an one punch is all it took to turn an entire families life upside down.

My father in law suffered a fall and soon after lost consciousness, with his son calling an ambulance and thus being taken into custody for the one punch. He was charged with a serious offence and my father in law passed away with his immediate family at his bedside.


This a family made up of four boys, the best of mates and a family that values each other above anything else in this world and would do anything for one another at the drop of a hat. They have not only been dealt the hardest blow by losing their father but cannot begin to deal with their grief as their beloved older brother is behind bars looking at a large part of his life taken away from him.


Unfortunately when it comes to legal fees and getting a good lawyer they do not come cheaply and we are looking at a minimum of $70,000.

Some might judge this family before even putting yourselves in their shoes, so please before you do think about how this could happen to your family and please say a little prayer for them and send them well wishes.


All of the funds raised will go towards legal fees for my brother in law in the hope of getting him back home with his family!


We thank everyone that gives a minute out of their day to read this story, even if you cannot afford to donate we ask that you please share this with your friends and family.

We ask that you always give thanks for your family and remember that life is short.