Its Time to save Australian Farmers from the ANZ Bank starting with Charlie and Charles Phillott

funded of $900,000.00 goal
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Campaign Ends:
October 10th 2015
This is a fixed campaign

Pledges will be collected if the goal is reached.


This Campaign is to help Charlie and his son Charles Fight the ANZ Bank who wrongfully foreclosed on the family farm and secondly to help them pay The ANZ Bank the money they are prepared to accept for the farm to return into the hands of the Phillott Family

Background / Your Story

For 50 years Charlie Phillott and his family worked the land on Carisbrook Station in outback Queensland. They enjoyed the good seasons and endured the bad. They learnt to save when they could and spend when they had to, but they always kept the bank manager happy. That is until the ANZ came along. Overnight the bank crippled Charlie’s business and hounded him into financial oblivion. A year ago the Phillotts were forced to walk away from Carisbrook, bullied by the bank into leaving their home. But don’t think the bank has won, because Charlie Phillott is no pushover and he’s taking his fight all the way to the top of one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.

  • We are Crowd Funding to help SAVE Australian farmers, this is just the first campaign of many to come that will enable Australian farms to STAY in Australian hands.
  • The total amount that we are trying to Crowd Fund is the exact payout figure which the ANZ bank have concluded the farm is now worth, this is after the Phillotts NEVER missed  payment and had the farm HALVED in value by the bank themseles
  • This is only the first step in my personal crusade to help not only Charlie but ALL Australian farmers who truly do it tough and are the Back bone of who we are as a country, they are the battlers and the epitome of what the Australian spirit actually is

How the funds will used

The Funds will be used to:
1. Buy back the farm that was erroneously foreclosed by the bank
2. Help Charlie and his family with legal costs already paid out in a battle that has lasted 2 years so far with the ANZ bank
3. To Setup a fund to help ALL farmers who are losing farms that have been in the family for generations and to keep Australian farms in AUSTRALIAN hands.

What The ANZ has agreed to so far

ANZ provides the following comments in response to a 60 Minutes program that aired on 12 July, 2015:

  • While we are limited in what we can say about individual customers, we are continuing to work with Mr Phillott and his family to try to achieve an amicable solution.
  • Senior representatives from ANZ visited the Phillott family at Carisbrooke Station in December 2014 and met with them again in Townsville in March 2015. We have acknowledged that the last few years have been tough for the family.
  • We have proposed to engage an independent and neutral third party, such as a retired judge, to help mediate a final resolution. We would also involve the Phillotts in the selection of this independent mediator.
  • We are committed to reaching an outcome which is why ANZ has agreed upfront to accept any recommendation of the independent mediator. As a further measure of good faith, ANZ will pay for the costs of the mediator and for independent legal advice for the Phillott family.
  • We believe this is a fair and reasonable offer bearing in mind the Phillotts and ANZ had mutually agreed and signed a settlement together with the family’s lawyers in May 2014.
  • While this settlement agreement is subject to a strict confidentiality agreement, ANZ believes that it has made substantial concessions to the Phillott family. ANZ is prepared to make the terms of this agreement publically available, with the consent of the Phillott

While the ANZ has made this statement anyone and everyone knows that as a financial institution the only interest they have is PROFIT and money, while profit is always desirable one has to question that when the ANZ make BILLIONS every single year the best that they can "offer" is an "independent" retired judge in a conference environment and $5000 towards legal costs, this is disgusting and an OUTRAGE.


Your Team

My name is Michael French i am a mechanical fitter and turner by trade and have had various business's through out my 37 years on this planet, i have NO personal agenda in doing this other than personal outrage at what has happened to Charles and many other farmers in this country due to the questionable actions by the ANZ bank and various other financial institutions in this country, if you are interested in joining my team in this campaign i can be contacted via email on or, I am also on Facebook and Twitter and would appreciate any help that could be given.


I would like to thank each and every one of you who have been able to make a donation to this very important cause and even if you cant make a financial donation please please please spread the word about charlie and the farmers of this great country of our who are losing their farms on the back of corporate greed, It's time for us as a country to stand up and say NO this is NOT acceptable.