Be part of history, help send [Morrison & Co] to the International Criminal Court

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July 24th 2015
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For the enormous amount of work that I have done to get this far, I need funds to keep me going so I can keep fighting just that little bit longer. The International Criminal Court is so close to making a decision.

Background / Your Story

From May 2014, I have been pushing the ICC to help Australia get out of the mess that it's in. I wrote a 45 page submission and emailed it - along with 73 attachments - to the ICC. I then begged the ICC to help us, for months. In September 2014, the ICC put my submission and evidence into archive. This is when others decided to also take up the fight, from the denial of my submission. In the meantime, I still kept emailing the ICC with new information. It became a part time job for me to keep the ICC updated. On 30 January 2015, the ICC wrote to me, advising they were taking my information out of archive and were looking at the information with an intent to investigate. I advised as many as I could that the ICC were considering whether Australia should be a situation. From this time, the laws became so draconian they touched all of us, and not just asylum seekers. The data retention and site blocking laws affect all of us, not just asylum seekers. The citizenship talk will affect all of us, with the minister of immigration able to take citizenship away how many mistakes can he make? Criminalise those who talk out against the abuse within detention centres affects all of us, and I have been the one making absolute sure that the ICC knows about these atrocities. From the time that both LNP and Labor have passed this law in particular, I have made getting the ICC to act a full time job. I have recently been calling and updating the ICC regularly. I have sent new evidence showing how far the government has gone to destroy our rights. And now the ICC looks set to make a decision shortly. Of course, all will be informed when it happens. There really is not that long to go.  

How the funds will be used

For more than a year, I have emailed the ICC with new information about Australia's situation. I have spent literally hours in finding a way to get the ICC to act. As soon as the Border Force Act came into place, and knowing that the ICC is analysing information, I have sent numerous emails begging the ICC to act.
I then started calling the ICC, spending time and money to see what stage they were at with their analysis. On 30 June 2015, I found that they were very close to finalising their analysis. It's now a matter of time, but I still need to send information to them. It's not over just yet!


The biggest reward of all is to see Abbott, Morrison, Dutton et al at the Hague. This is the whole purpose of what I have been doing, and it will be your reward, as well as my own.


This will be YOUR win. It will be YOURS to celebrate, at the end of all the hard work. We just need a little bit more, and for that, I need financial support. This is OUR revolution, so please keep me going so we can get there.