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August 10th 2015
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 200km Bike Ride to Cure C




Last year our two year old daughter Olivia required brain scans before neurosurgery as part of her treatment for childhood epilepsy.

The scans provided her surgeons with the necessary information which ensured Olivia’s detailed surgery had the best chance of success.

The Neuroimaging Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne is one of the few hospitals worldwide which is capable of producing such detailed scans.

In order to raise funds for the RCH, Team Olivia is participating in a 200 km bike ride from Mount Isa in outback Queensland where we are from, to Camooweal on the Northern Territory border.

This is known as the Border Ride.

Mt Isa Region

We ask you to support Team Olivia so that children who require this level of treatment in the future will be guaranteed of the same opportunity.

Donate today to change the lives of children tomorrow.

Our charity name ‘Through The Fog’ describes the effect epilepsy has on the brain. Some days are clear and sunny, while others are foggy due to abnormal brain activity. Together, we are riding through the fog to find a cure.

Our amazing team consists of:

Peter and Anna Christen

Eliza White

Matthew White

Vicki Wilson

Melissa Nunns

Andy McGrath

Nathan Bullock

Paul Hancock

Dan Buckley

Dan Brooks

Kiri Bunker

Matt O'Neill

Rodney Heaton

Brian Webb

Luke Tapp

Max Shawcross

We Want You

From the bottom of hearts we would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. It is impossible to convey what it is like to be told that there is a very grave outcome for your child. To have access to the world’s best resources gives hope.

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Funds are directed towards local treatment providers for Olivia and The Neuroimaging Department through The Murdoch Institute, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

We would like to thank Ernest Henry Mine for sponsoring a number of the riders.

Love Anna and Peter x