The employees of the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort need your help!

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March 31st 2016
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home-reviews-articles-830x921On February 20, 2016, a severe category-five tropical cyclone, Winston, hit Fiji with winds up to 325km/h and 12m high waves. It was the most powerful storm to ever strike the Southern Hemisphere.  The aftermath of the storm is incredibly devastating– rooftops were ripped off, houses were blown away, power lines broken, trees uprooted, and debris strewn throughout towns & villages.

Out of 50 houses in Nukubalavu, the local village where the majority of our employees live, 47 homes were completely destroyed and have to be rebuilt.  Other villages in the vicinity find themselves in similar circumstances.  While all employees and their families are accounted for, their ordeal is by no means over.  Your donation will go a long way toward helping the employees and their families to rebuild their lives.  This includes everything from constructing new homes, building new schools to getting everyday necessities such as baby diapers, clothes, furniture etc.

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