Remembering Pete Coupland

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July 19th 2015
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In memorial for Pete Coupland, one in a million


Pete left behind his beautiful wife and two daughters whom we want to express our love to and show gratitude to for all the work, care, love and compassion Pete showed us by living his humble, authentic yet so impactful life.

I was fortunate enough to meet Pete at "A Friend's Place" where he was a bereavement counsellor to my two sons Ruben and Fabian. Pete worked tirelessly to ensure all the bereaved kids there were shown compassion and learned to live with their grief. Pete volunteered his time and clinical expertise so bereaved kids could learn to mend their broken hearts.

Yesterday I attended his funeral and so many people spoke so lovingly about this most extraordinary human being who gave so much.

Much to many people's surprise and spoken so eloquently by one of Pete's work colleagues; we all thought we knew Pete and the depth of his work and love when it became so apparent that he meant so much to so many people. We all marvelled at how much he achieved in the same 168 hours that we all have in a week. How much he gave to so many.

By starting this page I hope to give others an opportunity to express what Pete meant to them so Heidi, Billie and  Mia can see what a great man he was apart from an amazing husband and father.

As Pete volunteered his time over a 16 year period at "A Friend's Place" for the benefit of many, many families who are all no doubt feeling deeply for Pete's family, there is also an opportunity to donate to his family, so they can benefit from the fruits of some of Pete's labour of love.

Whilst I have spoken about 'A Friend's Place', this page is by no means only for those who knew Pete through there but for all those who loved Pete and received so generously from him.

How the funds will be used

All donations will go to Heidi and Pete's beautiful daughters.

Please use this page to tell everyone what Pete meant to you and if you wish to donate, please do as well.