NOBTS66 - expose the dodgy planning approvals behind this $300m project

funded of $14,000.00 goal
This campaign has ended and no further contributions can be made.
Campaign Ends:
July 23rd 2015
This is a flexible campaign

All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Rally in 2011

Since 2010 our community, near and far, has been campaigning against a new 66kV electricity facility at the Brunswick Terminal Station.  Finally, an inquiry will be held starting in the middle of May, 2015.

Now is our chance to have our views listened to at a State Planning Panel review convened by Planning Minister Richard Wynne.

Please help us by donating to our campaign fighting fund to engage experts to help prepare and present our submission to the Planning Panel  

How the funds will be used

The truth behind the BTS is finally exposed
Funds raised will be used to help expose the dodgy planning decision-making of former Planning Minister Matthew Guy.  When making his decision to approve the project he ignored the fact that Moreland City Council has twice rejected the application on health, safety and amenity grounds.  He also refused to meet with residents or others who opposed the project.  Instead, he relied solely on the information provided to him by the electricity companies.  Is that justice?  Or is that a farce?

What do you get in return?

AAA_1354 You become associated with one of the longest running community campaigns in Melbourne's inner north - for nearly 6 years we have been fighting this battle.  You also contribute to an public investigation into the way government decision making, accountability and community all get reconnected in the state of Victoria. Chip in and help us with any contribution you can spare and we will provide: - Limited edition items -the classic NoBTS66 T-shirt to the top 2 donors and a NoBTS66 mug to the next 5 top donors - Invitation to the post-inquiry party for all donors - Recognition - shout-outs on Facebook/Twitter, and on our website to all those who contribute (unless they choose to be anonymous)

Our Team

Our team is Merri Creek Resident's Group Inc.  We are (now!) experienced volunteers and local residents who have run successful campaigns  for both public action and for fund raising.  We are confident we can present a very strong case against the planning of this piece of infrastructure and we can attract considerable attention to the carbon economy in Australia.  We owe no small praise to our long running supporters including:
- Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC)
- The Hon. Jane Garrett MLA (State Member for Brunswick)
- Moreland, Yarra and Darebin City Councils
- The Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL), partners in our 2014 'Power to the People' forum in September 2014
- Professor Ross Garnaut, Dr Kate Auty, Sam McLean from GetUp Australia, Claire Maries from the Consumer Action Law Centre, David Green from the Clean Energy Council who all contributed to our hugely successful 'Power to the People' forum
- The Hon. Kelvin Thomson MP (Federal Member for Wills) and Adam Bandt MP (Federal Member for Melbourne)
- Nick Tweedie SC who has represented us pro bono at VCAT hearings and provided invaluable advice throughout the campaign
- the communities of the Merri Creek Primary School and the East Brunswick Kindergarten and Childcare Centre
- the community at CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) who live with 220kV transmission every day of the year
- thousands of residents, near and far, over 6 years who have: attended rallies, gone to community meetings, signed petitions and postcards, written letters, followed NoBTS66 on social media