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May 9th 2015
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Hi my name is Robyn, and my partner and after months of saving and planning, we finally got our dream fawn French bulldog - a gorgeous male puppy 6 weeks ago. Since Alfie joined our little family he has been our reason for waking up smiling, every morning. He literally gives our world a whole new definition of love and meaning. We are seeking your assistance to help us cover his medical bills.

Unfortunately last Monday evening, Alfie was playing with his best mate Chilli the staffy and he tripped over a step and injured himself. He was literally screaming out in pain and so we rushed him to the emergency vet after hours vet hospital immediately. He was in such enormous pain. They saw Alfie straight away and within 10 minutes of getting there we were told that he needed to be kept in and would require x rays as well as sedation and pain medication and that unfortunately that would cost at least $750.00. It was of course a no brainer, as our poor little baby was in so much pain, the price did not matter we just needed to make sure that he was OK. I was literally bawling my eyes out I was so distressed at the hospital. We were told that he would be seen to as soon as it was practicable and we would get a call some time later that night. Midnight came, and we received the call to tell us that he would require specialist surgery as he had fractured his left front leg above his elbow near a growth spot. So if not performed, his leg growth could well be affected and arthritic problems would occur. We were told that we would need to have a meeting with the specialist surgeon in the morning.

We spoke to our normal veterinarian John Norris, who advised us that he did not perform this procedure at his Jacobs Well Vet Surgery as- it is quite specialised surgery and the VSS Underwood, is exactly where he would have referred us to if we had seen him. The consultation was reassuring, especially as we were quoted $3500 - $4000 for the surgery. The diagnosis on his paperwork says: Slater Harris Type IV fracture of the left humeral condyle. Nothing else was an option for us, we needed to get every thing possible done for our Alfie, no matter the cost. However unfortunately as we were still paying off the purchase of the actual puppy, the emergency vet charges from the night before, actually wiped out our savings. After a few phone calls to different family members, my little brother said he would apply for finance for us. Once the finance cleared, Alfie went into surgery that afternoon. We visited him at 9pm that night, and all the staff couldn\'t stop commenting on how great he went through surgery and recovery. They also made comments on his medical notes how the medical staff provided Alfie with lot of kisses and cuddles due to his cute nature.

We picked up Alfie from hospital the next day and the specialist surgeon said he was extremely happy with how the operation went and he was able to realign the fracture perfectly with the pin and screw. We have a follow up consultation in a weeks time and further Xrays are required in 4 weeks, which has also been quoted at a further $400-$500.

Alfie is going so great in his recovery and we are so overjoyed, he is his usual self and cannot thank everyone enough at the Animal Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialist Services at Underwood for looking after our Alfie. He is our pride and joy and wouldn\'t have had it any other way. On the flipside of the coin, we are now swimming in 10K in debt within 6 weeks and we are completely devastated by this. I have spent 3 days crying non stop. We had some savings for a townhouse we were approved to move into, and that went straight onto Alfie\'s bills. We do not have any room to move financially if anything was to go wrong with Alfie\'s recovery.

It was suggested I post this by our amazing breeder at Kenstons, and whilst we feel too proud to ask for help, we also know that we are drowning financially. It\'s taken me days to even be able to talk about this publicly as I was a complete mess. Now I know Alfie is home and safe, I have the strength to write about this, however I have tears running down my face, as I relive what we and he went through.

We humbly and with great difficulty seek your help and your support . We would love it if you shared Alfie\'s story with your friends and family. Please help spread the word. We are grateful for any amount that you could donate - no matter how small - any amount is very much appreciated. We - especially Alfie - will be forever grateful to you.

Love Robyn, Luke & Alfie