Giving a voice to Asher and his baby bro Zaccy.

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May 7th 2015
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This is a campaign for a very special little boy. You only need to meet him once,and you'll never forget that smile.

The Warnes


To say the Warnes have had it tough is a bit of an understatement, I don't want to go into deep detail because this is about Asher who turns 7 on the April 1st, and his younger brother, Zaccy who is 3. Both boys born with an extra chromosome, as the condition is so rare at this point of time there is no actual name for it, so there is no actual government funding available. At the moment it could be close to autism and aspergers but we really won't know until they undergo all their tests and therapies.

Asher's Appointment needs per fortnight

1. Occupational Therapy

Asher has high anxiety and his social skills are at the level of a four year old child. He also has behavioral issues that needs working on.
He needs work on his motor skills and because he has low muscle tone  he struggles with swimming, running & even jumping off the ground.
Simple things that most kids can do easily makes him extremely tired because he has to work twice as hard, and if he even gets a little tired he
can fall over and possibly injure himself. He used to fall over and hit his head constantly.

  • He starts these sessions on the 23rd April
  • First three appointments cost $155 each
  • After first three appointments the cost of each session costs $110

2. Speech Therapy

Asher has been going to Speech therapy on and off since he was 3 years old. He was getting extreme anxiety, so the sessions had to stop. The
therapists now think that he has a form of stutter, and are now trying to determine what is causing it. He also has trouble pronouncing words 
correctly and speaking very slowly.

  • Each session costs $110

3. Psychology Sessions

  • Each session costs $110

 Zaccy only 3, does receive some financial help but that ends at the age of 6, which is only just over $100 a fortnight, barely a dent in whats needed.

Asher however turns 7 in 4 weeks, and recently just found out this week that the funding for autistic kids therapy has to be put through and diagnosed before age 7 or there is no funding. Although the funding is minimal, to break it down, this what Asher will need in the next coming few years..

2 x occupational therapy a month

2 x speech therapy a month

2 x pshycology a month

And a bit extra for drs appointments (his pediatric ones cost $220 each)

They are looking at around $700 a month minimum just for Asher at this stage.

There are still so many more tests and doctors appointments for the family and boys, it's really only the beginning. Zaccy will be going through the exact same thing as Asher as he gets older.

We are writing this as friends of the family, an outsider looking in. These boys & this family are so special to me & it breaks my heart that they are going through all this.I don't think I've never known a family who's been through so much, to be still so positive and so strong. These boys can be subjected to ridicule and teasing anywhere the go whether at school or even out in public. For Jodie, their mother, it's 2 full time jobs, she can't let the boys out of her sight for a second. On top top this they also have a 9 year old daughter, Abi, who also has an extra chromosome, but doesn't suffer from any speech or learning difficulties. The boys are consistently sick as they have low immune systems and require non stop attention.

Their father, Ben works full time but this doesn't cover anywhere near the costs of  of what the boys will need. I'm asking for any help you can offer, it doesn't matter whether you can offer $1 or $100. even if you can't even do that, the least you can do is share on facebook so the word gets out. It all helps whether financially or getting rid of the stigma against those with disabilities.

If you need more information contact Jerusha through email:
or  Jai through email:

Thank you For the support!

Jerusha Curtis, Jai Ritter and the Warne family