Lambert-Cardilini Wedding fund

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April 16th 2015
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Lambert-Cardilini Wedding fund

Fundraising/Crowd Funding for the wedding of Wade Cardilini and his(my) beautiful fiancé Jade Lambert.



My Fiancé and I would both love to get married. We have been in a relationship for over 4 years now and counting. I need your help to raise the funds to put on a wedding for Jade. A wedding she deserves.

A little Background/What?

Jade and I are deeply in love. Everything we do, we do for each other. On October 6th, 2013; I presented Jade with ring. She said yes. I had no idea how we were going to afford a wedding.  It didn't matter. All I knew is that I wanted to be with this woman for the rest of my life. And I wanted everybody to know it. Jade and I have been trying desperately to save up the funds required for a wedding. Unfortunately life keeps getting in the way. I won't bore you with our life stories. But needless to say, as pensioners, it has been incredibly difficult to save the funds required for even a simple wedding. Then I discovered "Crowd Funding". I saw it as a way for friends, family and do-gooders to contribute to the wedding of Jade and myself. I also thought it would be a great idea as a suprise for Jade (So don't tell her please!). So here we are. Basically, I am asking YOU. Friends, family, and do-gooders to contribute some of your hard earned money to our wedding fund to help give Jade the wedding she deserves. And me, the privlidge of being her husband. Anything, small or large that you could contribute would help us more than words could describe. And we would appreciate it greatly.

What the funds will pay for:

Venue, Celebrant, Attires for the bride and possibly groom, Food, Misc furniture hire/purchase, Legal doccuments ect. -------------------------
Obviously a date cannot be decided at this point in time. However I am hoping for a 2016 wedding.
Thank you all again.
-Wade Cardilini