John Jenkyn Protection/Defence Fund

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May 8th 2015
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John Jenkyn Protection/Defence Fund

Unconventional Gas/CSG Whistle Blower/Alarm Bell and Gas Field Resident


In 2005, John Jenkyn and his family moved to their 155 acre property near Tara on the Queensland Darling Downs for a quiet country life. This area was chosen by them as a nice, peaceful place to live and to care for their children, both of whom have cerebral palsy with Aaron also having quadriplegia. How quickly their lives have been upturned and their ‘Great Aussie Dream’ shattered, hopes for the future – crushed. The family home is now almost completely surrounded by toxic gas fields and related infrastructure.  


Kenya & John's place As you can see in the photograph, their 155 acre property is now situated amid toxic brine ponds, reverse osmosis plants, compressor stations, turbines, generators, wells, separators, pipelines, drill rigs, high and low point vents, FIFO man camps, wells, fracking, flares, effluent dumps and lay down storage yards – the list goes on. The dust is thick and there has been an enormous increase in vehicular movements on their formerly quiet, country roads. Located just 700m from the family bedrooms is a large and incredibly noisy piece of gas field equipment. It roars incessantly 24/7. John’s disabled son and daughter both grind their teeth in their sleep in reaction to this and the other constant industrial noise that accompanies life in a gas field. Aaron’s condition sees him as particularly sensitive to noise, and consequently it is not uncommon for him to be unable to sleep at all throughout the night – which in turn causes sleeplessness for the entire household. One could only describe this as akin to a form of torture. John’s wife suffered an asthma induced heart attack in May 2013 when the pipeline was being installed down the outside boundary of their property. The dust was so dense at the time that the Jenkyn’s were unable to see out from their kitchen window at all. Not long after coming home from hospital, John’s wife had an angina attack. Due to the level of mining activity in the area, the dust remains excessive and resembles an ash type substance. To this day, the QLD Government have only ever conducted two half hour air tests at John’s property. John was advised that ‘ it’s not too bad, the equivalent of smoking 5-6 cigarettes per day’. Despite repeated concerns and requests by the Jenkyn’s, the Director of the Darling Downs Health Dept has apparently refused to test the family for heavy metals – stating that it is too expensive. Independent tests have revealed very concerning levels of contaminants in John’s household rainwater tank. There is so much more to John’s experience of co-existence. Is this the future that you would like for your family or loved one? This industry is only in it’s infancy and will be affecting more and more people as time goes by. Will you stand with John Jenkyn?

How the funds will be used

John Jenkyn has recently been charged for ‘using a carriage to menace’ for something that he allegedly wrote on his personal Facebook page. Funds are now being raised to help John and his legal team to fight this charge. Please consider donating to this important cause. No amount too large or too small. John Jenkyn’s court case has now been listed for a 3rd hearing and may then go to trial. John is quite literally our ‘canary in the coal mine’ and shares generously with us his ‘on the ground’ real-life experiences of gas field life and ‘coexistence’. Who will stand up for this brave and likeable whistle blower, father, husband and genuine Aussie battler if we don’t? John needs our support right now. This is Big Business versus the average Australian.

In the event that this case is deemed vexatious and thrown out of court or the charges are dropped then the funds raised will be put towards defending other protectors/whistle blowers/alarm bells.

Direct Deposit Contributions

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