Help Tracy represent Australia at the first Google Street View World Summit in Amsterdam

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April 30th 2016
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Dear Family, Friends & Business Colleagues,

I've been chosen by Google Headquarters in the USA to attend the exclusive 'invitation only' inaugural 'Google Street View Summit 2016' in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the 31st of May 2016.

I don't know of any other Australian Google Trusted Photographer that has been invited and would dearly LOVE to represent Australia at this prestigous summit.

At the age of 42 after bringing up 5 children mostly on my own, I decided to finally go back to school and study an Arts degree. One of the elective subjects in the first semester was photography. I thought it would be a fun, easy subject to balance the intricate theory subject. Little did I know how much the subject would take hold of me. After that first term I decided that I had to do a Photography degree instead of the Arts degree. 

However, there were no 'online' photography degrees that I could enrol in at the time and I couldn't uproot my teenage children from their school to move interstate. So with the encouragement of my tutors, who said I had a natural eye, ability and if I practiced, practiced, practiced my craft, I would learn everything I needed to know on my own. 

That was 2005 and I have not stopped photographing this wonderful planet with it's amazing landscapes, flora and fauna. Having won awards nationally and internationally with my stills photography and promoting how beautiful Australia is through various online articles in magazines, tourism sites and social media.

In 2012 I became a Google Trusted Photographer.  I have created over 170 Google Business Street View virtual tours and stills for businesses large and small. From the small fish and chip shop around the corner, to Government House, Darwin and for all of the Northern Territory Brolga Tourism awards in 2014.
I've also created them in Denmark and Indonesia and am a leader in my field and an annual award winner in 2013.

Please see testimonials and the full list of businesses here

There have been several small Google conferences over the last few years in various locations for various regions that I have never been able to get to, as being in Australia and having limited funds, I've not been able to attend.

However, this Google Summit is different being the first global event. It is a single ticket event and I really feel that I have to be there to represent Australia. To show that Australians are just as tech savvy as the rest of the world and that being a 'pillar of my community' as the invitation reads, I have knowledge to impart.

I need YOUR help!

Please pledge any amount you can however small or large to help me get to the inaugural Google Street View Summit 2016 in Amsterdam on the 31st May 2016.

Let a representative from Australia be in the room! :)

Thanks soooooo much!


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