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Honey Pepper’s is a Restaurant, Special Events Venue and Bar, featuring a 120 seat casual-dining restaurant with 60 of those seats in a pleasant outdoor setting by the Samford Creek, in South East Queensland.

We have a casual dining setting, serving a Modern Australian menu with a focus on affordable, back to basics ‘unrefined foods’, sourcing local, seasonal, and sustainable produce.

We are seeking additional funds to support renovations and upfront costs to get the doors open.  





First round Honey

This entitles you to complimentary drinks for two- Alcoholic OR Non Alcoholic beverages and sweets for two

Honey Pepper's Launch VIP

You will have all the fun as Honey Pepper's special guest at the celebratory launch, Saturday, 30th of July. Live music, amazing food, Honey Pepper's is waiting to showcase what she has to offer and share good times with all the local love and supporters!

Saucy Supporter

Some like it HOT! & we will have flavours to suit all taste buds. From a simple yet sublime salad dressing to a complex hot and spicy relish, you choose and we will send you a Honey Pepper's signature sauce. If you like it we can sign you up to a monthly plan. $55/mth- Pick Up $75/mth -Delivery With your Saucy status you will also be entitled to 5% of all meals and drinks

Ambrosia Ally

"I dreamed the goddess poured ambrosia over your head—out of a ladle," We won’t waste our nectars by pouring them all over you, instead a fine bottle of a locally selected Ambrosia ( Wine or Liqueur) will be delivered or available for pick up when you dine with us. With your ally status you will also be entitled to 10% of all meals and drinks
 $55/mth- Pick Up $75/mth -Delivery

Local Love

Just want to show your love for Honey Pepper's? We will gift you with a Honey Pepper's Local Love package, including a dining package and introductory deals. Thank you!

Sweet Honey

$300 gift card redeemable for any dinner/cooking class/event at Honey Pepper's. Special menu item request and naming right of dish or drink Membership card entitling holder to a 10% discount valid for 3 months

Golden Valley Honey

$600 gift card redeemable for dinner/cooking class/events at Honey Pepper's-Valid for 12 Months Member card entitling holder to 15% discount, valid for 6 months Special menu item request Naming right to Drink or Special Dish

Mt Glorious Honey

One private culinary class for up to 8 people with our super star chef OR Canapes and Petit Fours made from fresh local ingredients, catering for up to 40 people, either at Honey Pepper's or in your private residence. Member card entitling holder to 20% discount, valid for 12 months Naming right to Bar Area or Dining Area, Drink or Special Dish