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May 16th 2016
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Meet AJay and Luca, these two beautiful rescue dingoes need your help. Due to the cruel and inhumane approach the NSW government takes to animal welfare, Jay and Luca are now facing a Dangerous Dog Declaration. Their legal bills are now over $3100 and we are also about to begin building a new enclosure to meet the dangerous dog standards prescribed by the council while we begin the next level of appeal and take their case to the Local Court. 

Our dingoes are not dangerous. You can see the beautiful nature of these dingoes here in these videos were they can be seen meeting strangers for the first time as well as cuddling and licking our volunteers:

Thus far we have been funding their legal costs on our own but we now need your help. Our lawyer has granted us an extension till Monday (as we have had numerous emergency vet costs over the past two weeks) but she is now insisting her final invoice be paid by this Monday ($2600). We have already raised a huge ammount thanks to our generous supporters to support our boys but we have a long way to go to take their case to the next level in the local court. 

Not all of you will agree with our decision to stand by these dogs and provide a legal defence for them against these charges. However we would ask before you pass judgment on our rescues that you look into your hearts and ask yourselves; “What if it was my dog?”

We are aiming to raise as least $3000 for their legal fees as well as $1000 for a new dingo area with a concrete floor (a requirement if these boys are declared). If Ajay and Luca are declared they will also no longer be able to leave the property unless they are muzzled, and won't be able to enjoy the dog park, beaches or walks in the bush. With this in mind we will also be trying to build a new fenced exercise area with trees, sand pits and tunnels for our special boys. We're even hoping to set up their own swimming pool.

Jay and Luca came into our care late last year as emergency boarders and were signed over for rehoming at the end of January. Recently their enclosure at the SFR shelter was maliciously sabotaged and these two dogs were let loose on our property. Jay and Luca subsequently escaped and attacked a young goat at a The goat survived and is recovering well. 
Despite offers by SFR to cover all treatment costs for the goat and additional security measures being put in place on their enclosure, Jay and Luca are now facing a Dangerous Dog Declaration.

We believe Jay and Luca deserve the chance to move beyond their past. Luca spent the first year of his life on a 3m chain and had scars from where it had chaffed the skin on his neck. Both dogs were incredibly parasite ridden and unwell when they came into care. They has never seen a park, a forest, the ocean. Despite all of these things they still adore people and in the care of SFR they have been learning how to live and love and be loved.

This order would rob these two beautiful dogs of the chance at finding their fur-ever home and mean they would be forced to live their lives in a concrete enclosure, muzzled in public and unable to enjoy off leash parks and beaches.

While we are in no way excusing the damage and heart ache our rescue puppies caused, we believe the premise of this Declaration is unwarranted and inhumane. The Declaration contends that because the dogs were involved in an incident with livestock they are a threat to people. This is not the case. These two special rescue dogs adore people, they are sweet and affectionate, cheeky and playful and in no way reactive toward humans.



Dingo Visit

Come and visit with our beautiful 10 rescue dingoes and help support Luca and Ajay's legal case.