Stem Cell Therapy for Sue

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December 31st 2016
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Please help us get to Moscow so Sue can receive life changing treatment for her Multiple Sclerosis.


Sue was diagnosed with MS, 19th May 2008, after several years of various symptoms that the doctors couldn’t explain. Tingling in the left fingers, numbness in the toes, blurred vision. All of these symptoms would appear individually for a few days, then subside, only to reoccur a couple of months later.


Prior to these symptoms manifesting themselves, Sue was an active mother of two, a student of a local Tae Kwon Do club, participated in fitness classes. Sue had been a student at TAFE, and then a staff member at the same college, working in several section as an Administrative Support Officer.

Sue along with her husband, Barry, was an active member of the local 4WD club, going on numerous trips and camping over weekends.  This all changed after her diagnosis, to the point where we sold the vast majority of our camping gear, including 4WD & camper trailer.

 Over the last 8 years, Sue has gone from walking unassisted to requiring a Wheelie Walker to get from the lounge/kitchen to the bedroom and when she does get to leave the house, needs the use of a wheelchair to travel any distance further than 20m.

The treatment clinic that Sue has been accepted into is based in Moscow, and offers patients a better quality of life without drugs. HSCT (Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) or “Stem Cell” therapy has been proven to be a successful alternative to the gamut of drug therapy currently prescribed by specialists. For numerous patients that have undertaken this therapy, they have gone from requiring a wheelchair, like Sue, to a full life of physical activity.

 Whilst there are no guarantees that this treatment will do the same for Sue, the evidence of its success over the years to too great to ignore or discount its effectiveness.

 We need to raise sufficient funds to not only pay for the treatment but also return airfares and accommodation for her husband to stay with her for the 4 weeks of treatment in Moscow.