Billy & Mel's Christmas Miracle

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December 25th 2016
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Hi everyone, thankyou for taking a moment to read this campaign.

My dear friends Billy and Melissa were to be married next week. Sadly it has been called off due to Billy falling ill. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Billy has to had the surgery but 6 months of chemotherapy are ahead and he will not be able to work.

Melissa and Billy recently moved in to their new home and now with little or no income I fear the worst that they may lose everything they have worked so hard for…I want to help them.

Please help if you can, even $5… that’s one cup of coffee…. It may just make the difference between having a place to live or not. It would be so awesome if at Christmas time Billy can beat this horrible disease and also celebrate Christmas at home. Maybe we can send them on a small honeymoon once they are married….

Thank you all...