Emerald Vista Project

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December 31st 2017
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Emerald Vista Project

The EVP has been born from the recognition of a growing need to further educate our population in regards to living in harmony with our planet. To living sustainably whilst enjoying the gifts that naturally surround humanity.

In conjunction with creating a place of education, EVP wishes to include low impact Eco accommodation, surrounded by permaculture gardens, to cater for those who desire to experience a more sustainable way to live, to learn new skills and to broaden horizons. 

Accommodation will not be designed to draw maximum profit, rather to offer a place of respite to those in need. We would like to be in a position to assist -at zero to minimal expense- families coping with special needs children. Having a child on the Autisim Spectrum, we fully understand the challenges this presents. At times to be offered an affordable break would be priceless.

Families or individuals simply needing to escape particular environments would also be prioritised. In these instances, essential food clothing and toiletries etc would be made available to enable persons in need to temporarily rest in a safe environment before embarking on the next step in their life.

The property hosting EVP is private and quiet, located within 1 1/2 hrs from Melbourne CBD.

That which was once a wild paddock, has been thoughtfully transformed into productive grazing land and vegetable gardens. Home to friendly domestic farm animals as well as a growing number of native birds and animals.

As a family we have poured all our resources into creating a self sufficient haven, including living entirely off the grid.

We feel such desire to continue the development, to create a beautiful place that is accessible to whoever is in need, or who wishes to enlighten and enrich their lives.

A place to slow down and to reconnect, a place of safety and nurture as well as to educate and build skills and confidence.

A place that with your help, will stand to support the next generation in creating a greener horizon....An Emerald Vista.




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Enjoy a nights stay at the EVP Eco cottages. Your name and donation posted on the EVP FB page.

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