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February 11th 2017
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Every Dollar helps !!!

G'day, I'm raising funds to help with Suicide Prevention. 

I have personal lived experience of Bipolar and I'm a survivor of suicide.

I have continued my journey of remission and I'm passionate about Rural and Regional Mental Health and encouraging people to start the Conversations and Seek appropriate help.

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Just showing up at the end of a driveway that could be over a 100kms long to say G'day and have a cuppa with someone and let them know we're thinking of them is pretty amazing. And having a chat with someone that 'gets it' - anywhere from pubs, community centres, hospitals and support groups, talking Mental Health and Suicide prevention. 

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I've replaced the hammers, spanners and screw drivers with real tools to help our mates.

Campaign imageCosts and expenses of each trip has been around $5,000.

I invite you to visit my sites to get more of an understanding of what I do and why I'm so passionate about suicide prevention.

Isolation, lack of internet and phone service amongst other things make it difficult for many in remote areas to access help, not everyone relies on the internet or a new iPhone out there. 

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Your contribution goes directly to cover costs of resources and funding the trips, the towns visited, assisting individuals, community groups and anything we can help with.

Corporate Sponsors are encouraged to contact me if you provide additional support, goods or service 'in-kind' help with maintenance or repairs as I travel.

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Please visit:


Thankyou for your time reading this and for your contribution that will help our mates.

Happy Trails


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*Printed certificate of appreciation mailed to you. *Sticker pack * and entry in the draw for a $500 christmas voucher pack. $200 fuel $100 food $100 outdoor / camping gear $100 family movie pass drawn 1st Dec 2017