Addheka's Aid Project of Mercy Programs

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July 1st 2017
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OUR TEAM led by Jim Pollock are going back to CAMBODIA in JULY 2017 as part of the house building fundraising program  through Tabitha Foundation -


Last year whilst our team was also in Cambodia our team got to meet Addheka.  She was a 14 year old girl with polio who lost most of her family during the Pol Pot Regime and the killing fields of Cambodia. She now runs the Khmer School of Language and has seven provinces where she also runs the KSL Aid Project of Mercy programmes -  

Half of our team also got to go to one of Addheka's provinces near Kampot/Kep - Jim, Elaine, Claudine, Pasquale, Angelo, Jesse, Franchesca and myself.

I was introduced to Addheka initially through Skype as Jim and Addheka had just published Addheka's story - If on this Earth there are Angels -


Claudine and myself have now decided that we will head this project together as our hearts have really gone out to helping Addheka fundraise for basic school supplies and uniforms for the poor rural families in these provinces.


There is approximately 800 children across these areas.  Basic education and uniform for one child is $50 USD - $20,000 would meet half of the costs.

It is my pledge that for each of my courses and memberships that I will donate 50%.  In addition, Claudine and myself will also be doing various fundraising events through the year.  If you would like to donate or help us fundraise by sharing this link we will be most grateful.

Warmest Regards


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