Eco-friendly Diffusers and Air Fresheners

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December 31st 2016
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My new and innovative diffusers are eco-friendly and sustainable. They will not only look modern and natural but will allow the consumer to have freedom over what they are breathing in. 

To create an option for customers to have the freedom and control over what they and their family breathe in. By producing an eco-friendly fragrance diffuser range that can be used and taken anywhere.

A universal product to dispense essential oils for use in aromatherapy. For use in the high-end market. Also to be included to sell wholesale to the Aromatools websites or doTERRA distributors and customers. Customers would buy these products over others because they are aesthetically they look more appealing with the inclusion of sustainable bamboo. It is promoted as an environmentally aware product. Uses recycled and recyclable biodegradable packaging.

Terrifyingly, most scented products use perfumes that contain a variety of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). A study done in 2012 by Scientific American has stated that, ‘many air fresheners contain nerve-deadening chemicals that coat your nasal passage and temporarily block your sense of smell'.

My diffusers will allow for complete control over this with the increased sales of quality essential oils becoming more prevelent in the market. 

The first 4 products would include: (1) USB diffuser for car or computer, (2) Travel USB diffuser, (3) Car vent clip-on and later down the track (4) Wall plug-in (similar to the AmbiPur type in supermarkets).

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My Sister and I in Albany WA...Photos of designs cannot be shared yet.

Your contribution is immensly appreciated and you are contributing to local small business. Thanks so much! : ) Renèe x



Free Car Clip-On Diffuser

For those wanting to help me start this little business...A free diffuser sent to those who are willing to pledge $50. These will be posted for free to those in Australia. : ) Yay!

2 for Free!

Those amazing people who can spare $100 will receive 2 free diffusers sent to them for free in Australia. : ) Thanks! R

3 for Free

If you commit a fantastic $250 to my new business, you will receive 3 free diffusers of your choice delivered free anywhere in Australia. Thanks so much! : ) R

All for Free! +10% off for Life!

Those wonderfully generous and amazing people will receive the full set of 4 new diffusers to use, of your choice, plus free shipping in Australia, plus 10% off all future purchases. Thank you very much! : ) R

5 for Free + 10% Off 4 Life!

WOW! You are amazing in supporting local Australian small business so you will get to reap the benefits of 20% off all future personal purchases for life. You get the choice of any diffusers and I will thank you on the future facebook page. Thanks! : )

10 Free Diffusers + 20% Off 4 Life!

WOW!! Those incredible people / businesses who would like to contribute an amount of $1000 or more towards my new business and diffuser designs will receive 10 free diffusers (for home, car, office or gifts!) plus 20% off all future personal purchases. Thank you so much for your support and I may even have to throw in a few doTERRA essential oils for you to use with your new products. You will receive a thanks on the future facebook page. Thanks a million! Renee x