We Own the Sheep....Wheres the Wool??

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September 2nd 2016
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It's hard to believe that we don't have a fantastic selection of Wool Fabrics here in Australia.

For a long time, and at considereble expense,  I have been sourcing bits and pieces from all over the world. I love that I have been able to bring you unique colours and styles but now, due to increasing client demand, I am at the point where I need to import fabric in bulk, and employ staff to help me continue to bring you the Fabulous range of JND products......how do I fund that ???? It would be thousands and thousands up front, and I am concerned about the impact it would have on my family.

I need to purchase 50m each of 5 different Tweed Colours and Weaves. So theres over $10,000 in fabric. I certainly don't have 10 grand and you probably don't either but lets just say each of my 7000 odd followers on FB pledged $2?? In no time I would be able to have these fabulous fabrics available to you :) Securing these fabrics will save me considerable time and money in the long run and this in turn will save you money.  50M only gives me about 25 jackets on average.

These Fabrics will be superb and I would also like to consult with you through the Just Neigh Facebook Page in choosing the colours

Crowdfunding was suggested to me, to get the ball rolling and propel Just Neigh, a modest Australian Home based business , forward and hopefully to become the No 1 choice in Australia for made to measure garments and superior customer service.

I have a wonderful large family. My Husband Steve and our five young children. We live a very modest life.  This is why I work from home to suppliment out modest income and occasionally be able to afford a roast lamb for dinner.

For those who dont know my story Just Neigh happened quite accidentally.  For years i had been dressmaking, then along came my first Equestrian Client for an In Hand Outfit. I was amazed at what people were now wearing in the Equestrian world! Wasnt like that when i used to compete 30yrs ago.

Then another equestrian client happened into my life, a vest and a stock, I didn't even know what a stock was! Needless to say, I completed the job and posted it on my FB profile.....well it went crazy!!!! All of a sudden I was inundated with enquiries and so Just Neigh was born.

Almost 3yrs on, my little home based business has grown and grown.  Unfortunately, there is nothing In Australia suitable to create the beautiful woolen jackets you all want. Ridiculous I know!! We own the sheep!!




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