Oscar The Mixed Terrier's Surgery for Luke

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September 17th 2016
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I have known Luke for a few years now. If you know him too you'll know that one his most defining qualities is how good of a dog-dad he is, and how important his pooches are to him. I have never known a better dog owner and I couldn't imagine one either!

Earlier this year one of Luke's babies, Beau, passed away and now his other, Oscar, needs surgery. I offered to help out with the cash, but the surgery is quite expensive and I can't cover the whole thing, so I thought I would make a crowd fund for Oscar's surgery.

I know Luke spends a lot of time volunteering for various animal welfare campaigns, which has contributed to him not having the cash for this surgery, which is cruelly ironic. Therefore I figure since Luke has put so much into volunteering for animal welfare we, as his friends, or even strangers, can give something back to him and get his dog Oscar the treatment he needs.

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Here is Luke's summary of the situation:

"Oscar is 6, he is my amazing mix breed Terrier. Both Oscar and his big, little brother who recently passed away at 16 due to multiple organ failure have been my pack. Beau was Oscars best friend and pack leader, they used to get up to so much mischief. One time Oscar snuck up to a strangers BBQ at the park and took a sausage of the hot plate, ran up to Beau and dropped it in front of him. He then went back to get himself one. He has always been one step ahead of me. Beau taught him all the tricks! He can open doors and containers, nothing was safe once Beau and Oscar decided they wanted it; that’s why I call him my mix breed terror.


Oscar has helped me through some very hard times in the past few years including being homeless, living out of my car, sleeping at work or in parks or on the side of highway at truck stops. Without my two monsters I don’t know if I would have been able to get out of that situation. Now it's my turn to be there for Oscar. On the weekend Oscar and I were at the park with two of his four legged friends. We were running around have a blast of a time. Oscar and I were running at each other playing, at the last second he changed direction. As soon as he was passed me, he started howling in pain. By the time I turned around he was on the ground howling and shaking in pain. He had his back right leg raised up. I immediately ran up to him to comfort and calm him, once he had calmed slightly I began checking his paw, hoping he had just stood on something or had a grass seed or burr stuck in his paw. While checking his paw, my friend whom I was walking the dogs with, (who lucky for me and Oscar is a vet nurse) did a quick examination in the park. Once she was finished she confirmed my fear that it was likely a cranial cruciate ligament injury. Sadly, this is an injury I'm familiar with as Beau had torn both in his back legs a couple of years ago. After multiple consultations, x­rays and blood tests on Monday, it was confirmed that it is a complete tear to his cranial cruciate ligament. The surgery is estimated to cost between $3,944­ and $4,517 and coupled with the bill I paid on Monday, which was $658 it brings the total cost to between $4,652 and $5,175. I've spent most of my year volunteering with Coalition Against Duck shooting, Geelong Duck Rescue, Tin Can Town and helping found Victorian Lamb Rescue after multiple rescues. I have also been documenting cruelty on Victorian farms and Re­homing farmanimals. This lifestyle does not pay well!"
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Therefore we are trying to raise $5,175 with the intention if the surgery is less than that we will contact you and give you the option to take back the difference back in proportion to the total percentage of your contribution.