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July 31st 2017
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 At TASTE Black Gold we're obsessed with one thing: making top-shelf black truffle products. Over the past 2 years we've made it our business to do just that: first, by employing a food technologist to carry out R&D and then stepping up to market-testing trial production. Our truffle business started as so many do: with a dream and some sweat. Founder Kane Randle along with his partner, Michelle, set out to build a truffle business in the kitchen of their  former hospitality business in the small country town of Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia. 


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Gourmet Roast Pork with Black Truffle & Braised Apple Stuffing



For commercial production, even small scale, we need to have a commercial kitchen. We have arranged a lease on a local kitchen and now require commercial equipment to commence commercial production. 

We have set a flexible goal of $110,000 and will deliver on our rewards program regardless of reaching our target. We have chosen this path as even part proceeds will allow us to buy a sausage making machine or larger ice-cream machine (yes - truffle ice-cream!) and other equipment, all of which helps to improve our production potential. Hopefully our goal will be reached and we can expand our equipment inventory; create a website for online sales; complete our business plan; and help reduce this country town’s unemployment level by employing 3 - 5 staff.


With your support, and commercial equipment, we'll be able to keep providing first-class truffle products made right here in WA -  supporting this local rural economy.


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Black Truffle Ice Cream


The original business idea revolves around the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), often referred to as 'black gold'.


Truffles have been relished since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans and were thought to be an aphrodisiac. They have been used in the main growing areas of France and Italy, and in other European cuisines.  The ineffable aroma that they impart to dishes and their scarcity has rendered them a true luxury food, with retail prices typically in the $2,500-$3,000 per kg range.


Today the heightened awareness and interest in luxury foods is faced with a limited supply of black truffles all year round. The growing awareness extends to beyond the original European markets and now includes the US, Japan, Denmark, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and with the growth in sophistication of the Australian palate demand is increasing here in Australia as more and more restaurants are featuring truffles on their menus.


While awareness has increased, first class fresh black truffles are only abundant during the harvest season. Also, due to the technologies being developed, black truffles are now cultivated resulting in an increase in supply. However, after the harvest season, truffle growers are left with peelings, trimmings and second grade black truffles.

Our business idea is to develop a profitable outlet for the low grade black truffles and make it available all year round.


Chicken with Apricot & Black Truffle

 Chicken with Apricot & Black Truffle



We see this as a great opportunity to let you experience our range of top-shelf truffle products. If not familiar with the taste of black truffle (and let's face it, it's more European culture than ours) you're in for a treat with one of the 10 most expensive foods in the world. So we hope you enjoy your rewards and we look forward to your feedback.


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Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Truffle


$1000 Pledge

As mentioned in the Reward description this pledge is for those who wish to be rewarded with equity in the company.. 


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Red Wine & Black Truffle Beef Cheek


CSEF  (Source: innovation.gov.au)

The government is making changes to make it easier and less expensive for small businesses, including start-ups, to raise equity from the general public, while ensuring adequate investor protection.

Australia’s current regulatory requirements create a barrier to widespread use of Crowd-sourced Equity Funding (CSEF). This means small innovative companies are missing out on funding that could help them develop their ideas.

Introducing laws to provide access to CSEF in Australia will provide a diverse range of funding options for businesses and will remove the competitive disadvantage compared to their international counterparts.

Crowd-sourced equity funding (CSEF) schemes exist in various countries, including in the UK and New Zealand. In the first 12 months following its launch, the New Zealand CSEF scheme enabled more than 20 innovative companies to raise over $12 million in combined funds.

What is it?

CSEF is a new fundraising approach that:
Allows entrepreneurs to raise funds—up to $5 million per year—from a large number of individuals in return for equity in their company.

When is it?
Legislation to implement CSEF was reintroduced into Parliament on 24 November 2016 and legislation was passed on 22 March 2017.



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Indulgence - Truffle sausages for Breakfast!

Thank you for taking time to read our campaign.

Michelle & Kane Randle





A personal thank you on our website and FB page and a we'll send you one of our products; a packet of 'Black Truffle Dukkah' to try.

Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Truffle

A personal thank you on our website and FB page and a we'll send you a packet of 'Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Truffle'.

Electric Grinder

A personal thank you on our website and FB page and we'll send you a colourful electric grinder filled with 'Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Truffle'. You can choose between red, white or black. It makes a great present or gift.

6 Different Products

Once in production we will send you a different product each month for six months. If you respond with a sensory tasting testimonial for each product we send you we will acknowledge and publish your testimonial on our website and FB and send you an extra product in the seventh month.

Discount for Life!

Our products will be available for sale on our website and you will be able to order products online at a 20% discount.


The rules about equity investment through crowdfunding have changed. We will retain a list of subscribers who have pledged $1000 or more and issue shares at a discounted rate. See our note on SCEF in main text. Should neither of these proposals materialise we will refund your pledge in full by 30 June 2017.

Donation - No Reward

Make a donation without a reward

Commercial Investors

This pledge is for chefs, cafe & restaurant owners and catering companies.Contributors to this reward will be given shares in the company at a favourably discounted rate and receive 20% off our commercial black truffle range for 3 years. This will allow them to continue providing black truffle dishes on their menu for the 10 months of the year when truffles are not in season.