Walking Paraplegics

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Campaign Ends:
November 4th 2016
This is a fixed campaign

Pledges will be collected if the goal is reached.

More than 40,000 Australian suffer from paralysis

Of these, 23% or 10,000 Australia's have paralysis from spinal cord injury

Of these, 60% are paraplegic.


Over the last two years, I have been attempting to build a new device to enable paraplegics to walk again.  I am on the verge of a prototype mechanised knee sleeve to be worn by paraplegics.  Mechanised hip joints together with spring assisted ankle joints will follow shortly.

However, there are significant costs in the coming months:

$10,000 by mid November 2016 to lodge an international patent application to prevent this new approach being stolen/lost to overseas interests (this campaign)

$15,000 by early 2017 (future campaign) to buy ten additional motors ($1,500 each) to complete a full prototype


Your pledge will help to get paraplegics walking again

Thanks in anticipation


Guy Wilmington
trading as Cyborgonics

t: 0413 591762
e: cyborg@p3m.com.au
w: www.p3m.com.au/cyborgonics.htm




Discounts on final product

Once the device is operational and commercialised, you will be able to purchase the device at a discounted price. The value of your discount will be equal to the value of your pledge(s). Furthermore, pledge values can be combined into a single discount. This enables family and friends to make pledges on behalf of another. Corporate pledges from corporations are also welcome and will be publicly recognised