Feeling Groovy to Wellington + Melbourne

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December 1st 2016
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It’s Jacob here.

I’m a dancer and a filmmaker and I’m working on something that’s going to be really special.

       Since graduating from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2015 I’ve been pouring all my energies into creating dance film and by doing so I’ve been less involved with the live aspect of Dance Theatre this year. However… I do have this fun little show. And in order to develop this show and tour this show I need money.

This is where you come in.

            It’s a dance theatre solo titled “Feeling Groovy” that’s aimed at being an introduction to what dance theatre is. So if you’ve never been to a contemporary dance show this one (fingers crossed) will be a great place to start.

            For pledging your support to this project you’ll be supporting the development and the production costs of getting this show to Wellington and Melbourne. If we meet the desired goal and go beyond then the show will have a life in Sydney and Adelaide also.



Behind the Scenes

Access to all the behind the scenes tour vlogs.

Development Showing

You'll receive and invite to the development showing in Melbourne this December. The previous reward.


Let's get together over coffee/hot chocolate/soy chai/whatever on me! If that's too hard don't sweat you'll get a video message made directly for you from me. All of the previous rewards.

Canvas Experience

Canvas is my most recent short film made with SELECTIONstudios and is currently unreleased. You'll get a downloadable copy of the short and an A3 Poster. All of the previous rewards.

Silver Sponsor

Access to exclusive content and invites All of the previous rewards.

Gold Sponsor

Free ticket to show in which ever city you choose (flights not included) Regular updates on the show. Invites. Exclusive content. All of the previous rewards.

Platinum Sponsor

Your name will be in the program. +1 ticket to the show in the city of your choice (flights not included) All of the previous rewards.