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In August Mens Rights Melbourne started arranging the Australian Premiere of The Red Pill.

We had an opportunity after a benefactor gained a perk of an exclusive screening for donating a large amount to Cassie Jaye’s original Kickstarter.

This lead onto what has become an incredible journey.

After a selection process we chose the famous Kino Theatre owned and run by Palace Cinemas  

We had a very pleasant relationship with Palace for months (Thanks Phoebe).

The Palace team were even curious to see the documentary!


But on October 21st a petition was started to stop the screening. After 2800+ signatures these extremists succeeded.


Palace cancelled under the pressure


Only 11 days from the screening date this was followed by a huge media response and counter petitions around the world.  


We didn’t want this. We just wanted to show a film.

This is not our field of expertise. Film, Public Relations, Media, Social Media Management.

We really are just two guys looking to show a film we believe in.
We’ve had had to learn as we go.

No grudge is held against Palace Cinemas, they made a decision in their best interest.
But we have been left without a venue to show this film that has attracted such incredible interest around the world.


Today and yesterday our team contacted a total of 42 venues in just 36 hours!
And the response?

Cinema Nova: "Thank you for your query, but upon due consideration research we do not wish to court controversy which may be associated with the film."


Schonell Theatre: "We have already replied to an enquiry regarding private screening of this film this year and next."  …  "we are now unable to take any bookings this year or into next." [???]


Scots Church, Phone: "We'd need to go through the proper channels to... even consider this and... and... ... Yeah look I'm sorry there's just no way… "


RMIT, Phone: Would "require an academic sponsor" for something "of this... nature""


Ritz:"we currently have no availability between now and the end of January"

[A multi-theater cinema... with no availability for 3 months?!]

So you are probably asking yeah? So what?
Well we have some good news.

We have a venue!

It’s a good venue, and willing to support us.
The others willing were either too small (20, 40 seats), too expensive (AUS$11,820!!!) or and we kid you not... a 78 seat strip club.

The Problem? Cost.
Previously we had a 64 seat hire with Palace at a cost price of $22.50 per seat



The new venue seats 175 with a venue seat cost of A$25.30


This is a crowdfunding campaign after an incredible last few days we have been cancelled the last minute interviewed by the media and inundated with thousands of support messages across many platforms. We have had 6 news articles published online about the surrounding controversy.



This is our best option with agreeable management after contacting 42 venues from Cinemas to Scout and Town Halls to even a Strip Club’s 78 seat cinema.

We think we’ve found the perfect venue.


Before recent days events we put in 400+ hours of effort organizing promoting and facilitating over the past two months.
The past days. MHRA Connect and Paul Miles help in getting online and putting in work has been invaluable.

But all of us that have been committed have put our entire personal and business lives on pause for this.


Beyond the two aforementioned volunteers, we’ve been desperately short on hands.
That’s why we’ve included costs to pay people who will help facilitate.

We have put in over 400+ hours in organizing promoting and facilitating this event and refuse to go home empty handed having this venue will make a historic achievement in the community one that we can all share in the glory of.



So now what we are asking you is for help! We need funding to cover our costs that we have no hope of doing on our own. If you have seen the fallout from this and want to help we are starting this crowdfunding campaign to raise the desperately needed money.

Don’t let this film be silenced.
Without your help and generosity this won’t happen.

We are by far the most advertised private screening of this movie.
Your contributions are going to something truly amazing.
So if you have any money to spare please consider donating whether it be $1 or anything else you can afford we are happy to receive anything to make it to our goal.   


Our crowdfunding campaign on OzCrowd is here:


If you’d like to donate directly:


Our Bitcoin address is: 1CUB56Pu3KxHqKthW82FxbwWV1BV75ywR9



Those 10 and 50 who have previously purchased tickets to a now cancelled location eventbrite page will be honored at the new venue



Your ticket to the event! (SOLD OUT!)

(SOLD OUT!) Attendance is for 18+ ONLY! ID WILL be checked. You will be securely sent the location only ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT for security reasons. Please make sure your paypal address is accessible information! Evening November 6, Melbourne.

A beer on David Williams at the event!

Includes invite to event

A 4” x 6” lobby card as a keepsake of the event

Includes invite to event

Your name on the media wall (stretch goal)

This is the media wall which attendees will be glamorously photographed in front of!


Your invite, A beer with David Williams, Lobby Card, and Name on the media wall (stretch goal) Ticket!

A Personal Thank You

And continued updates and involvement in Mens Rights Melbourne in future.