Kayla Dwyer's new album "Time Machine"

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December 1st 2016
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Welcome to my crowd funding campaign!

My name is Kayla Dwyer, I’m a singer-songwriter and I’m excited to share the news with you that I’m currently underway producing my new solo album ‘Time Machine’!

I’ve been working on this second album for some time now and have had little setbacks along the way including my vocal surgery earlier this year, but that’s what makes this album even more special and long awaited by many who have heard me road test many of these songs.


What’s it going to sound like?

This album will be a mix of country, folk, pop, blues… Kayla’s sound. My influences include Sheryl Crow, Missy Higgins, Kasey Chambers, The Badloves, Bob Dylan and many more who’ve caught my ear throughout my life. What you need to know is that it won’t necessarily sound like any particular artist apart from Kayla Dwyer and that’s the exciting part!


What’s the record all about?

The themes on the album range from love, family, self-respect, inner-strength, addiction, loss and heart-ache. One song that many will be pleased to know is going on the album is “Mr. Fireman”. I want to make sure that you all get the same tingles down your spine when you listen to the record as you do when you hear it live.


Who’s on the K-team?

Because my main goal is to deliver you these songs in all their glory I have called on the help of some of the best in the business.

I have currently been working on the pre-production with Simon Moro who'll be producing my album at Allan Eaton Studios in St. Kilda. Simon is a Producer, Mixer and Mastering Engineer whose experience spans pop and indie productions through major labels, to music for television shows, to ARIA nominated work. From day one Simon has really understood the emotion and the sound I’m trying to achieve on this record and I’m so fortunate to be working with him.

I will also have some of the most incredible musicians joining me including Gerry Pantazis (Drums), Craig Newman (Bass), Phil Turcio (Keys) and Bret Garsed (Guitar). I have no doubt that they will be producing pure magic in the studio in the coming month. These guys are some of the best in the business and I am excited beyond belief to hear everything come together.


Why crowd funding?

I’m at that point in my music career where I’m ready to take it up a notch with a fresh sound and unfortunately that means many, many more expenses. But I won’t be letting that stop me and that’s why I am bringing to you my very own crowd funding campaign.


What are the rewards?

There’s everything from purchasing the digital download or physical CD, to song writing workshops, to house concerts or even a Sunday lunch with me! There’s something for everyone!

Where will the funds go?

Remaining Session Musician Fees $5500

Remaining Recording Studio fees $5000

Mastering $1500

Artwork $1500

Manufacture $3500

Publicity $3000

Total: $20,000

As an independent act, I released my last album all by myself. It has given me a great grounding for this one. However, the challenge for me is not in making the product but it’s in raising sufficient funds to do the music justice and then to recoup those costs. Even by raising this amount there is no financial profit in it after all the touring, marketing and every other financial cost along the way. Some people think I’m mad, but I think you’ve got to be somewhat mad to be successful. My goal is to bring to the world my best work to date in all its glory.

I know that I have such incredible fans out there who have enthusiastically supported my visions and I am committed to bringing them music. They have kept me pushing things to the next level. It is now my hope that those same wonderful people and many more will get on board with this massive project too and follow my journey in this beautiful but crazy world.

I promise to bring you a product that has my heart and soul wrapped up in it and I will be so proud that I won’t be able to hold back on bringing it to you live in 2017.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my exciting project. Any contribution is incredibly valuable to making sure my visions for this record reach their highest!

Much love and many thanks.





Digital download pre-release

Digital download of new album "Time Machine" pre-release

Signed CD

Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

CD + treats

Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" + treats (bumper sticker + magnet)

CD + digital download + treats

Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" + digital download + treats (bumper sticker + magnet)

CD + debut CD +treats

Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" + signed hard copy of debut album "Devil Within" + treats (bumper sticker + magnet)

Hand written lyrics + CD + treats

Hand written lyrics of your choice of a Kayla Dwyer song + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" + treats (bumper sticker +magnet)

Huge supporter pack

Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" + tea towel + bumper sticker + magnet + facebook thanks

Extra in video clip

Be an extra in a video clip of one of the songs being filmed from the album in 2017

Dedicate me a song +CD

Request a Kayla Dwyer song and she will dedicate it to you at a gig of your choice + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

Personal song

Kayla will write you a song or put music to your own lyrics and record a demo with you

Song writing workshop

Spend 2 hours with Kayla writing your very own song and once the song is finished she'll record a demo for you.

Sunday Lunch (Melbourne Metro) + CD

Invite Kayla over for a Sunday lunch in Metro Melbourne to play for an hour to your family and friends + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

Sunday Lunch (Regional Victoria) + CD

Invite Kayla over for a Sunday lunch in Regional Victoria to play an hour set to your family and friends + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

Host a house party (Melbourne Metro) + CD

Host a house party in Melbourne Metro + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

Host a house party (Regional Victoria) + CD

Host a house party in Regional Victoria + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine"

Host a house party (Interstate) + CD

Host a house party anywhere in Australia + Signed hard copy of new album "Time Machine" (Accommodation and airport transfers need to be provided)

Super proud supporter package

2 x gigs anywhere in Victoria in 2017 (or 1 interstate-accom & airport transfers to be provided) 5 signed copies of the album 5 magnets 5 bumper stickers + facebook thanks

Corporate Package + CD's

Have your companies logo displayed on all of Kayla's promotional material through 2017 and/or anything relating to the "Time Machine" album promotion. This includes: Vehicle signage, banners, posters, advertisements, website etc. + 5 signed hard copies of "Time Machine" + facebook thanks and further facebook promotion

Life time supporter package

3 gigs anywhere in Victoria (or 2 interstate-accom & airport transfers to be provided) in 2017 + 10 signed copies of the album + 10 magnets + 10 bumper stickers + facebook thanks