Australian Book Review RAFT Fellowship 2017

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June 30th 2017
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Religious Advancement Pty Ltd ACN 606 963 900 ATF
Religious Advancement Foundation Trust ABN 21148693045 (known as RAFT) would like to raise money to promote the importance of religion to individuals and society, in particular Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Part of our mission is to do so in the worlds of literature and culture - despite the foundational roles
Christianity and Judaism have played in developing so much of Western culture, literate and art, this is not only be forgotten but arguably obscured.

RAFT sponsored the 2016 Australian Book Review RAFT Fellowship, the winner of which was Professor Alan Atkinson of the University of Sydney.  Professor Atkinson produced a powerful essay, "How to we live with ourselves? The Australian National Conscience", published in the September 2016 edition of the Australian Book Review".

The RAFT Fellowship provides $7,500 to the winning author to support them in writing their essay, which we believe will help support and promote religion in Australia, including preserving the religious voice in the public square.

Please help us in this important work.

RAFT is a registered charity with the Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission (“ACNC”) and holds a New South Wales fund raising authority. Our website is

The purpose of RAFT is to advance religion in Australia because of its broad public good. Copies of RAFT’s constitution and trust deed can be found on the ACNC website.