Let's Bring Cassie Jaye to the Sydney Screening of the Red Pill Movie

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November 26th 2016
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Sydney your time has come!


Let's make this an event to remember and to be envied by all other organisers


Cassie Jaye would love your help to come to the Sydney screening of the red pill movie.


Let's show those that would attempt to ban Cassie from our shores that here in Sydney we will not stand for this blatant form of censorship


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The western Sydney Sceptic society needs your help, let's make Cassie's dream come true. 


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reserved seat

Anyone that commits $30 or more gets a reserved seat. (Limit to 350 people)

Q&A Question

Anyone that commits $75 or more gets a definite question to Cassie during Q&A. (Limit to 8 people)

all the above plus a t-shirt

Anyone that commits $125 or more gets a t-shirt as well. (Limit to 8 people)

surprise perk

Anyone that does $200 or more gets another surprise perk. (Limit to 8 people)