Luna Issue Two

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December 11th 2016
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My name is Amber Lavell and I am the creator/editor of Luna Magazine. Luna is a magazine aimed at promoting healthy body image, positivity and self worth in adolescent girls. It began as a school project in 2015 and has become a growing passion. Issue two has been a long time in the making, and with the help of several amazing women/girls, it is finally ready to print!

We aim to initially print 300 copies of Luna to be released early in the new year. We can't do this without your help though! In order to go to print, we need 120 people to pre-order/pledge to buy Luna through this OzCrowd campaign. 

How it works: Simply pledge $25 to automatically pre-order one copy of Luna

Make sure to leave your street address and email address where directed so that your copy of Luna can be posted to you!




Luna Magazine

1x copy of Luna Issue Two