Giving Daddy a chance to care for Mummy in her last days

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December 21st 2016
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In August 2016 my sister in law was diagnosed with cancer. On fri the 25 November 2016 she went for her 5th round of chemo. But Drs send her home as she was just too sick. Drs have told them that there is nothing else that can be done for her except to make her comfortable with higher doses of Morphene. At the time of this news my brother was working 12 hours away to provide for the family. He was forced to quit his job to be with his wife and daughter in their last days as a complete family. Their daughter had to battle with caring for her mother while writing her final exams for her final year in school. I have started this campaign as I would like them not to worry about finances. This will help them appreciate every last moment together and remove some of their financial burden.