Closet Baking Co.

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January 22nd 2017
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My name is Connie and I am a closet baker.


I love to bake and I have more or less mastered some of the more simple styles of sourdough bread. I have, however, come to a stage in my baking career where I want to learn more, more than I can possibly eat/afford to bake!


I would like to turn baking into a business in the coming years and to do that I need to learn my craft. Please help me turn my hobby into a real vocation! By pledging money you are enabling me to bulk buy the best quality organic flours to bake amazing sourdough bread for you!


So how will crowd funding bread work?


With every $4 donated you will be given a loaf of bread. I will be baking bread over a five-week period and you will receive your bread spread out over those 5 weeks – from 30th January to 5th March, 2017.


So just choose your package and donate for delicious homemade sourdough bread. Please note that loaves come in white or wholemeal or you can alternate (I will contact you for your preference).


All loaves will be delivered to you in the Sydney CBD/Inner suburbs freshly baked.




1 loaf over 5 weeks: $4

2 loaves over 5 weeks: $8

3 loaves over 5 weeks: $12

4 loaves over 5 weeks: $16

5 loaves over 5 weeks:  $20


Please note. I am an amateur baker and baking in my small, non-commercial kitchen. All products are consumed at your own risk – I can tell you the ingredients in my bread with 100% certainty: flour, water salt and the starter (natural yeast grown from flour and water - zero chemicals or preservatives!). If you do pledge money to me it will be seen as a donation to help me further my skills and any bread I give you is a gift for your generosity.  



1 loaf over 5 weeks


2 loaves over 5 weeks


3 loaves over 5 weeks


4 loaves over 5 weeks


5 loaves over 5 weeks