Aussie Family Farmer Cooperative Startup

funded of $15,260.00 goal
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Campaign Ends:
January 5th 2017
This is a fixed campaign

Pledges will be collected if the goal is reached.

Do you value food? Do you care about the environment and animals? 

Will consumers change where they buy their food to ensure food security for our children?

Did you know the average age of farmers is 52? And the number of people working in Agriculture has decreased by 40% in 30 years yet the Australian population has increased by 60%!!!

Do you value the knowledge of land management and animal behaviour acquired through generations of graziers and farmers?

Would you like our native animals to be around in 20 years? 

Would you support our multigenerational farmers  to stop our food producing land being sold to other countries?

Will our children know about where their food is grown and benefit from the same quality and safety of our food that is taken for granted?

We need to reward the primary producers who implement best practice to strike a unique balance between producing a quality product whilst conserving the natural environment and maintaining high animal welfare standards.

YOU buying direct from the farmers who battle through hardship becuase they do what they love CAN HELP KEEP THEM ON THE LAND.


Rural people are being forced to leave the land they love and concurrently the knowledge of animal and environmental management is being lost. Unemployment rates are highest in rural areas yet this is where our food is produced.  As a Veterinarian and growing up on a sheep property in Western Qld, I have witnessed first hand the physical, emotional and financial stuggles of Qld rural producers in the recent years and know as consumers we must support our sustainable food growers.

How the funds will be used

To help sustainable farmers sustain a livelihood in the industry they are passionate about. Their income is affected by so many variables including extreme weather patterns, uncertain prices, feral animals, locust plagues to name a few.

I am collaborating a group of proficient primary producers to develop a cooperative to sell their produce to consumers, whilst utilising small businesses along the supply chain to generate jobs in rural areas.  Our community of farmers and consumers will be able to connect via an online platform to share ideas and educate people about how their food was grown. 

Below is a breakdown of expected start up costs which includes the purchase of small number of livestock to get the business up and running:

Food safety Licences $1,100

IP rights $300

Storage devices x 2 (for vehicle and storage) $2,400

Marketing and Packaging $5,000. I know this sounds like a lot but business people tell me this is fundamental. The media company estimated the work would actually cost $10,000 but half the cost will be a good start. This includes the development of social media pages for ideas, stories and recipe sharing and a webpage page where consumers can shop online.

Paddock Leasing for the first 6 months $2,000

First consignment processing costs for 20 lambs (abbatoir and butcher) $1,460

Purchase of lambs $3,000

TOTAL $15,260.

Something In return

I will not make any promises I can not keep but you will be guaranteed a personal mention and thankyou on our webpage if you donate more than $50 & the feeling of gratification for helping Aussie rural communities get back on their feet after the drought.