Representing Sydney for FIRST Robotics Competitions

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January 31st 2017
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Our son, Ryan, is representing Sydney for three 2017 international FIRST Robotics Competitions. His passion for robotics started when he was 6 years of age. He was living in Singapore at that time and he joined an external centre outside of his school to pursue his interest in robotics. By the time he turned 9, his coach politely requested him to leave the centre as he did not know how to teach Ryan advanced levels of programming with the other students who were about 14 – 15 years of age. Since then, Ryan has been teaching himself how to code by tinkering with Lego Mindstorms and going online to learn more about robotics and coding. He is now living in Sydney. He joins a team of high school students who are being mentored by a university researcher. Being the youngest in the team, he has the privilege of learning from his team mates who are older than him and his mentor who does not put a cap to his cognitive level.  Together with his team mates, Ryan is participating in 3 international competitions in 2017 – 2 regionals and 1 in Calgary, Canada (accompanied by a parent). We appreciate any amount of sponsorship and ask that you share the campaign with other people in your networks. Many thanks to you and may you be blessed richly for your generous giving this festive season!