Natalie's beating breast cancer

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February 28th 2017
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It's been a tough few years for Natalie.   Natalie has had MS for 12 years.  8 years ago she found herself fighting for her home and raising her 3 children on her own.  To remain independent she completed university studies to enable her to keep her children in their home and provide all that they needed.  Natalie has continued to persevere, work and raise her children despite the MS becoming more of an issue.   She has always done her best to maintain insurance to remain independent and self sufficient with her finances and has never asked for any help.  Until now.   Natalie is unable to get income protection due to MS. Things were going really well for her family until she was unfortunately diagnosed with locally advanced initially inoperable agressive breast cancer in June 2016.  Natalie has private health insurance and immediately began chemotherapy to reduce the tumours to enable surgery to go ahead to remove the cancerous breast and will require radiation as her lymph nodes were also malignant.  The cancer had not metastized and any delay may have meant it would spread; her doctors were great and chemo was started less than two weeks after diagnosis.  

Natalie has has continued to work as much as possible through her chemo treatment to keep her house and children's routines. Natalie has sold what she can to manage however has now run out of sick leave from her part time work and her contract work the other days has no sick leave.   Natalie will be selling her house and downsizing however due to the impact of chemo has been unable to reasonably prepare her house for sale  she is devestated that she now finds she's not self sufficient and asking for help for her surgery and month off work.  

The out of pocket costs for her surgery alone will be $4500  with three to four weeks off work to recover.   She is now biting the bullet and burying her pride as she's very tired and realises it will be near impossible to pay for her ongoing treatment.

Any assistance to help her with these costs will be gratefully received and will no doubt be payed forward when she's back on her feet.  

The surgery is now complete however Natalie has found out she has a further 12 months of treatment, ongoing scans etc.   

Thank you all for your generosity xx   All the funds above the initial goal will certainly help the kids and I to stay on top of our day to day costs whilst I'm not able to work and working reduced hours due to the impact of the treatments.

There are ongoing future costs that I didn't begin to imagine that I could ever consider getting help with.     I am completely humbled by everyone's ongoing support beyond my initial goal to pay the doctors.     Xx





Will pay forward

Natalie has been a giver and will continue to pay forward to help others in need of her choice when she's back on her feet.