Legal Fees for Freedom to Evangelise

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February 26th 2017
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Christian Pastor arrested for telling people about Jesus!

On November 3, 2015, Rev. Josh Williamson was with a group of fellow Christians sharing the message of the Bible with those who were interested in Woodridge, QLD. Shortly after beginning their ministry, Rev. Williamson was approached by two Police Officers who informed him that he was not allowed to be in the area and that he had to move. The area where the group had gathered was public land, and they had been evangelising in that area weekly for nearly four years with no issues. 

Josh tried in vain to explain to the Police Officers that he was there under the Peaceful Assembly Act 1992, and that all relevant paperwork had been forward to Police and Council. He went onto explain that the notice of intent hadn't been rejected, so the paticipants had legal right to engage in the activities specified on the notice. 

The Acting Senior Sergeant rejected this, and claimed that he hadn't personally approved, so he issued Rev. Williamson with a notice to appear in court. This was the beginning of a long and ongoing legal battle. 

Since that time the Police have adjourned the case several times, and delayed the trial. The trial finally took place on November 2, 2016, but we are currently awaiting the judgement from the Magistrate. 

We need your help

This is where you come in, we need your help to assist us in paying the legal fees that we have incurred while fighting for religious freedom. The implications of this case are huge, if a police officer can order a person to move away if he or she doesn't personally want Christians talking about Jesus will have devastating consequences on what we can say in this country.

Please help us as we stand for freedom to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in this nation.

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