Caring for Keenly

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January 30th 2017
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Keenly is a lively and loving young dog and best fur friend of Ruth. On Boxing Day, Keenly was severly injured. His back leg is shattered and he has a huge wound and broken ribs. So far the emergency vet expenses have cost Ruth over $3500 and they may go as high as $6000.

Keenly has been Ruth's constant companion and shadow since she adopted him from the Hobart Dogs Home. We don't know his past before adoption, but this little dog has found a well deserved home with Ruth. Some pets can capture our hearts in a special way.

Those of us fortunate to be Ruths friends are aware of her generous nature. Ruth is always first to offer a hand and help out when she sees a need.

A few of Ruth's friend are getting together to help her cover the massive vet bills required to get Keenly back home. We would appreciate any support you can give to Ruth and Keenly.

We can't offer you a reward, except the warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have helped Ruth. And of course a smile and pat with a very grateful Keenly.

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2nd January2017 - Keenly is slowly on the mend. He has more surgery tomorrow to review the injuries and hopefully fix his patella in place. Ruth and Keenly still need kind throughts, prayers and crossed fingers.

Thank you to all of you who have given so generously. It is greatly appreciated. The bills are mounting and are over $6000. Your generosity helps so much.

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