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April 30th 2017
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Hi there, I've created this crowd funding page to help my friends get back to their family back in NZ.


About 6 months ago they bought their first house with keystart, and this was meant to be the beginning of their happily ever after. The kids were loving their new schools, and Wellard looked to be the suburb that their dreams of a happy, comfortable life where they raise their children in a loving and financially comfortable position with friends as their new family, and nothing but possibility and prospects to keep them working hard.


A month or two later they had a car accident. Fortunately the chikdren were at a friends house, and what looked like a fender bender had some very serious and damaging consequences. Back spasms, sciatica, bulged discs and spinal fusion are all words both thought they would never hear, but now hear all the time.

Medical bills which they stopped seeing the doctor because they can't afford it, living in complete agony and now depression. 

Due to the injuries they lost their jobs, as they couldn't perform their duties. The employer said it was unfortunate for this to this was to happen but that they could not remain employed, because they were taking time off, or they were not able to lift, sit for extended periods, or not take pain relief that is required for any type of job fulfillment.

The kids started feeling the stress and strain, no more after school sports, no lunch orders, nothing under the Christmas tree except what other people gave, nothing from mum and dad, except their teary apologies.

This is when their idea of happily ever stopped being a happy ever after and started to become a nightmare in the making. 

No parent should go through this. 

The depression they feel because they can not provide for their family is real, the feeling of being kicked while they are down is prevelant, and the genuine need for help is real.



They are not eligible for any type of centrelink or government assistance except the family tax benefit which all of us know does not go far, and certainly doesn't cover the mortgage, bills, food. School supplies for the children, daily living expenses.

They have an extensive whanau back home in NZ and they know that is,where they need to be now, and are eager to get home to better their lives and the lives of their children, and have the support that only whanau can give them.


I asked if they would allow me to put a photo up but they do not want one up as they don't want their children being harassed as the children are already being picked on.


I'm asking everyone please spare a few dollars let's help get this young family back home to be with their whanau.