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March 31st 2017
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AMP CAMP is Australia's only camp dedicated for teens with amputation and congenital limb difference.

AMP CAMP needs your help to raise funds for the March 2018 camp.

Without you help many limb different youth will not be able to attend camp, gain support and confidence, redefine their limits,receive information and develop valuable friendships

An average of just $500 is needed for each interstate camper (some campers travelling from as far as the remote Kimberley region)

Every dollar donated is 100% towards camp and travel costs. Run by 100% volunteers.


"AMP CAMP has a remarkable influence on the lives of youth living with limb difference. Body image and the pressures on youth in our society are greater than ever before, imagine being visually physically different, trying to struggle with your own identity and self image and being a teenager again.  As a once Child Amputee, I know that this camp hasn't just created a wonderful and unique peer community empowering limb different youth, it has saved lives and restored hope." -  Darrel Sparke, Amp Camp Leader, founder AmputeeX Social Initiative,

Teens are supported at the camp by a team of volunteer prosthetists, rehabilitation specialists and health care professionals. The camp program is full of fun games, physical challenges, creative activities, awareness and emotional workshops, prosthetic and health information presentations, mentoring, as well as access to adult amputee role models. Through camp workshops and amputee adult role models, attendees are able to develop confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and that they are the only one, build lifelong friendships, share stories and feelings with others who truly understand their situation.

Amp Camp creates positive changes to the emotional and physical health of teenagers and young adults living with limb loss. By sharing time together, experiences, information and support, campers leave camp with new found knowledge they are unable to find anywhere else i.e; how to tie shoelaces one-handed, prosthetic and orthotic types and availability, individual styling and prosthetic designs, assistive equipment, how to counteract public stares and curiosity.

Almost 80% of campers return each year, with many claiming that Amp Camp has 'changed their lives' and been one of the 'best experiences of their life'.  Older previous attendees (youth aged 18 - 25) often return to camp and train to become camp leaders. This training is proving to provide empowerment, leadership skills, role models and future succession for Amp Camp.




Free Amp Camp T-shirt and Mug

Your donation will be rewarded with a one-of-kind limited edition Amp Camp shirt and mug.