Fashion With A Purpose

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February 8th 2017
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                                                 FASHION WITH A PURPOSE

Adelaide Renata Leonello has founded an online boutique, Renata ByoU, with the motto "Fashion with a purpose ". Renata ByoU is a start up business which currently stocks exercise and swimwear and other upcoming clothing with 50% of sales going to help struggling single mums and dads when people purchase the product. The donated funds will be used for groceries and investing in the childrens education. Renata wants to help single parents who want to do something with their lives and their childrens lives. Renata understands this because she is also a single parent, but was fortunate enough to have the support required, now she wants to give back!

Renata's working background was in the corportate sector and fashion which has given her the tools to setup an online business with a vision to build it up as a fashion e commerce store, and a business that sponsors single parents in need.

Without people support and power Renata can only assist a few single parents in need, so she is here, asking for YOUR help. Every donation will be used 90% towards this cause, 10% for administration. Renata's vision is to sponsor a parent, they will be screened, no money will be given, only groceries, utilities paid for, and assist in the childrens education and other activities like sports, music etc, which most privildged children get. If you donate and provide your details Renata is happy to give you 20% off all fashion products, and free shipping. Please help us create a vision to a National reality, and a more secure reality for some struggling single parents in need. Let's put a smile on a struggling single parent and their children because those children had no choice or power...but we do!



Store Discount

All products on renata byou store will be discounted 20% off to all pledgers.