Dom's 100km cycle fundraiser for World Challenge Expedition

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August 20th 2017
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Campaign image In November 2017, I will be travelling to Tanzania in Africa for four weeks, along with fifteen school peers. Within this journey there are many exotic components that are designed to offer school groups an experience that will develop many aspects of the students' individual character. The trip itself is built largely upon the students' decisions, as we are in charge of organising transport, food and accommodation whilst managing a budget. The trip also contains a gruelling eight-day trek up and down Mt Kilimanjaro - one of the world's highest mountains. However, I am most looking forward to working with the children of a local village and improving their lives by building new facilities for their community. 


A group from my school has already completed the program, and have come back with five-star reviews and bursting excitement at their recent experience. I myself cannot wait to undertake this challenging journey and am looking forward to the upcoming expedition. 


I am required to raise $8,500 to participate in the expedition and in order to raise some of these funds, I have decided to complete a 100 km bike ride from Perth to Northam along the Kep track, during May this year.

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I am hoping you will sponsor me in my efforts to participate in this amazing expedition. Thank you!


Dominic Petridis