Lay Family Fund

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Campaign Ends:
May 1st 2017
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

In 2016, I donated and participated in the 16km “Run for the Kids.” I will again participate in 2017, but with far greater purpose. I am seeking to raise a considerable amount of money in lieu of the Good Friday Appeal (which raised in excess of $17.4 million in 2016).


The money raised will be going directly to the “Lay Family Fund”. Their story is one of heartbreak and one which deeply resonated with me, as I too have a beautiful little sister.


On the 22nd of November, 2016, the Emerald and surrounding community was rocked by a tragedy. A local mother, Tess, picked up her three children from school, just like any other day. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Tess lost control of the car on one of the many bends in the road. It was a freak accident with the most devastating of outcomes. Nobody was speeding or driving irresponsibly.


As the car slid across the road it passed into oncoming traffic. Little Serena, 8, died at the scene. Galaxy, 10, was hospitalised with minor injuries. Tess was hospitalised with serious head injuries. She faces an arduous uphill battle and is doing everything possible to assist in her physical and emotional healing.


Aaron, 13, was hospitalised with critical head injuries in addition to other injuries. He was transferred to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where he underwent surgery and remained in an induced coma for a number of days while he stabilised. On the 6th of December, Aaron came out of his coma and was taken from ICU on the 12th to begin his long road of rehabilitation. It was expected that Aaron may have serious brain damage.


Due to the tremendous work of the medical staff at The Royal Children's Hospital, Aaron has been through some strenuous rehab and has begun to regain some of his previous ability. However, there is still a very long way for him to go. He requires ongoing care and the true extent of the damage will only become more apparent over time.


It has been an unfathomable chain of events for a family who were already faced with multiple health and financial challenges. Liam, Tess’s husband and father of Serena, Galaxy and Aaron, has been under enormous pressure to provide and care for his family, arrange Serena’s funeral and try to manage his own ongoing health issues.


Young Aaron’s life and his sister’s lives would never be the same again. Their life as they knew it, had instantaneously changed forever.


It could have happened to any of us.


What I am trying to achieve through doing this, is to instill a sense of hope and spirit within the family. To re-assure them that they are not alone in their battle and that the strength of humanity is one which cannot be underestimated. No family should have to endure such hardship, particularly under such difficult circumstances.


Via your contributions, assistance and support will be provided where possible, but the needs of the family are considerable, ongoing and expensive. The full extent of the repercussions of the accident remains unknown, as Tess and Aaron continue to endure a rigorous recovery process.


Whilst many of the families at the Royal Children’s Hospital have significant support from family and friends – The Lay family are predominantly alone. 


Any funds donated to the family are greatly appreciated and I personally pledge to do my utmost in order to assist this family in any way possible...


Thanks for your generosity and support,


Christopher Lindsay