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April 30th 2017
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All funds pledged will be collected when the pledge is made.

Your Sunset is a business based in Melbourne, Victoria to increase death literacy and provide support, advocacy and education to all members of the community around death and dying. All good businesses need start up captial which is why we are crowd funding. Please note all rewards will be honoured regardless of final funding total.

Your Sunset provides a broad range of services and products including:

- Your Sunset Plan, a book to list your wishes for end of life care, funeral and to store important information that will be needed after you pass away. This publication will be available as both an eBook and physical book, appointments are available to assist in completing Your Sunset Plan.

- Patient Advocacy, accompanying individuals on their medical visits to support and advocate.

- End of Life Doula, support, resources and options to people with a life-limiting diagnosis and their families

- Events to increase Death Literacy in and around north/west Melbourne

- Workshops and Keynote Speakers for community and corporate groups

- Funeral Advocacy, assistance to locate the best funeral providers for your situation

- Living Funerals, the funeral you have before you die!

- Legacy Services, providing positive memories for the special people in your life

- Virtual Undertakers, let us clean up your digital footprint, close your social media accounts and remove any of the skeletons in your browser history that you'd rather your partner, parent or children didn't find after you die

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Resilience Stone

A beautiful African Bloodstone inscribed with the word "Resilience" to remind you that when you think all is lost - you still have resilience. (Estimated dispatch March 2017)

Your Sunset Plan eBook

The Your Sunset Plan, is a place to list your wishes for end of life care, your funeral and other important information in a convenient digital format. (Estimated dispatch March 2017)

Your Sunset Plan Book

Same as the eBook, expect you get a physical book! (Estimated dispatch March 2017)

Your Sunset Plan Appointment

A two hour appointment to assist you to complete Your Sunset Plan, includes eBook of your completed plan and optional printed version. (Appointments available from March 2017; in person in Melbourne via Skype or phone other areas of Australia)

Advocacy Package

10 hour advocacy package, assistance for attending medical appointments to support and advocate for individuals. (Available for use in Melbourne Metro area only)

Doula Package

30 hour Doula support package which can be used on any combination of services. (Available for use in Melbourne Metro area only)

Legacy Package

4 hour package to assist you to create gratitude letters, cards or artworks for those you leave behind. (Available for use in Melbourne metro area only)

Pay it Forward

Warm fuzzy feelings coming your way, the funds used to purchase this reward are held aside to assist future clients who are unable to afford services. Its like a gift card that you don't know who will use. We'll send you a thank you card with our gratitude.